What Sending 2,049,567 Emails Taught Me About Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

I’m not a spammer if that’s what you are thinking. We just have a lot of subscribers for webinars and newsletters, and for the past 3 years, I have constantly engaged them with email marketing. So, these have mostly been nurturing emails to opt-in lists. And yes, sending more than 2 million emails has definitely taught me a… [Read More]

How Targeted Email Marketing Gave Us a 48% Increase in Results

Targeted email marketing

Shibani is in a fix. She sends out dozens of emails about webinars regularly. But, because her audience are so used to getting mails from her, they don’t click on them anymore! That is, her click through rate (CTR) was decreasing! The last time she sent out an email regarding webinar registration, she noticed that… [Read More]

Sure-shot Tips for Successful Email Marketing from a Potter Fan

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Admit it. We all wanted this at some point – If you still do, I am not judging you. But let me tell you this, if it was upto me, this letter would have been even more awesome! As a teenager, I read Harry Potter with overwhelming enthusiasm. As an email marketer, when I walk… [Read More]

5 Lead Engagement Methods You Should Be Using! (Webinar Recording and FAQ)

lead engagement methods

In our last webinar, we discussed lead engagement sources that marketers and business owners may not be using. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording here: View the Recording We have also compiled questions asked by attendees at the session and addressed them below. Question 1 For an IT company, what would… [Read More]

Marketing Automation Transforms Deltin’s Marketing Efforts to Improve Conversions

Marketing Automation

The Deltin Group is owned by Delta Corp Ltd, India’s only listed company in gaming. With luxury hotels and world-class facilities, Delta Corp Ltd has redefined the country’s gaming and hospitality services. The Deltin Group includes a portfolio of gaming and hospitality properties in Goa and Daman, including The Deltin – Hotel and Casino in Daman,… [Read More]

From 14 to 40: IntelliGrape Scores with Email Marketing


IntelliGrape Software is a premium technology company that conceives, develops and manages high quality applications for web, mobile, cloud and social media platforms. IntelliGrape is a global leader in Groovy and Grails development and is one of the earliest adopters of Node.js, a JavaScript framework, apt for building highly scalable applications. The software company is… [Read More]

What Elite Developers Can Teach Us About Real Estate Marketing

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Based in Kerala, Elite Developers is a real estate company, focused on development of residential, commercial and plotted real estate. The construction pedigree of Elite Developers dates back four decades with the inception of Vijaya Constructions in Kerala. Elite Developers are a household name among real estate agents in Thrissur because of landmark projects like the Puzhakkal… [Read More]