Growth Hacking 2016 – How to Get Customers for Cheap

Growth hacking

“There is no such thing as Zero- Budget Growth Hacking” announced Ravi Trivedi at our last webinar. The Founder of the SAAS company PushEngage calmly pointed out that every strategy that you come up with will require some resources – be it seed amount to kickstart the campaign or long man-hours to ensure it’s functionality…. [Read More]

7 Customer Engagement Strategies to Improve Retention (Webinar recording and FAQ)

Customer Engagement Strategies

By working with organizations like Tally and handling their strategic alliances and partnerships, one can gather a lot of knowledge. Following that up as the Chief Evangelist at Exotel, Nikhil Kumar has a lot to say about the know-hows of customer engagement. He has worked across platforms ranging from desktop products, SMB products, enterprise products… [Read More]

How to Get Better at Website Conversion Optimization

Website Conversion Optimization

In our last webinar, inbound marketing expert, Mandar Marathe talked about the website conversion optimization and 10 ways to improve traffic, leads and revenue for your website. Mandar is the co-founder of BriefKase Digital Communications, a marketing agency, and a full stack digital marketer. A number of interesting questions about website conversion optimization were asked at… [Read More]

10 Steps to Kick Start the Digital Transformation Journey in your Organization

Digital Transformation Feature Image

Are you ready to kick start the digital transformation journey in your organization? Yes? Then I’d recommend you watch this very informative webinar recording on digital transformation. Expert speaker, Kanika Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Passion Peers (Asia’s fastest growing digital transformation consulting agency) talks about mapping customer journeys, data-driven decisions, organizational alignment and much… [Read More]

Online Marketing Tips for 2016 [Webinar Recording & FAQ]

Online Marketing Tips

Last week, we had our second most successful webinar ever – Online Marketing Tips for 2016! Guest panelist Vishal Kataria, talked about content marketing and shared online marketing tips that can help you generate more than just awareness for your brand. Vishal is currently building Aryatra, a training and development organization. Prior to this, he… [Read More]

Amplify Your Marketing with Social Selling [Experts Speak]

Social Selling

Everything you need to know about social selling was discussed in the webinar on social selling with the authors of this brilliant book, “You are the Key – Unlocking doors through social selling.” The book, You are the Key, written by HCL’s Apurva Chamaria and Gaurav Kakkar, talks about the future of businesses using social selling and also… [Read More]

Effective Real Estate Sales Techniques [Webinar Recording]

Real Estate Webinar Cover Photo

In our last webinar, real estate expert, Rahul Mishra discussed effective real estate sales techniques, right from product planning to sales closure. Rahul, co-founded Pillars Consultancy & cranked up the popular blog – Indian Real Estate for Dummies. The webinar also covered the following: State of the real estate market today Emerging trends Effective real estate sales… [Read More]

Inside Story of LeadSquared’s Marketing Strategy [Webinar FAQs]

LeadSquared's Marketing Strategy

Last Friday, we discussed our marketing strategy here at LeadSquared. The session covered everything from the kind of campaigns that we run, the metrics we use to measure success, how we hire new members for the team, and learnings from having tried different marketing channels, and formats over the course of past 3 years. In case, you missed… [Read More]

Content Marketing Tips 2016 [Webinar Recording & FAQ]

content marketing tips 2016

In our last webinar, we discussed all things content marketing with Scripbox. It was a Q&A session with Anjali Gupta, the Chief Marketing Officer of Scripbox, the 2nd most influential Financial Services brand on LinkedIn! In case, you missed the recording, here it is: View the webinar recording Here’s the Q&A from the session: 1. What… [Read More]

Google AdWords for Beginners (Webinar Recording & FAQ)

Google Adwords for Beginners

Phew! That was long. I’m talking about the number of questions that came up at the ‘Google AdWords for Beginners’ webinar session and all the answers we had to write! But I’m glad they did and I hope all those of you who attended it, found value in doing so 🙂 It was the webinar… [Read More]