Creating a Killer App Marketing Strategy to Get Tons of Users (Webinar FAQs)

App Marketing

Everything you need to know about mobile app marketing was discussed in the last webinar. Akhil Chandra, founder and CEO of Studio Mosaic, a mobile app studio, talked about the essentials of app marketing, right from pre-launch to post-launch activities, followed by app store optimization and app promotion. Those of you looking for insights on… [Read More]

Inbound Marketing Ideas for Your Business [Webinar FAQs]

inbound marketing ideas

Last week, Sanchit Malik, the founder and CEO of Townscript, hosted an insightful webinar for us, on the importance of inbound marketing for businesses. View the webinar recording Here’s a breakdown of the riveting Q&A session that followed the webinar! Q1. How we can use blogs and whitepapers for inbound marketing, and what kind of… [Read More]

Content Marketing 2016 – Tips and Trends [Webinar FAQs]

Content Marketing in 2016 - A discussion

Last week, we had a chance to discuss with our webinar audience, their challenges in content marketing, and the changing trends in 2016. Many great questions came in, and an insightful discussion followed. So, here’s the recording of the session, and the breakdown of the discussion. View the Webinar Recording Storytelling in Content Marketing 1. How would… [Read More]

Digital Listening for Competitive Intelligence (Webinar Recording)

Digital Listening for Competitive Intelligence

The Internet is unstructured, your business is not. A competitive intelligence system can only be effective in delivering insights if it is able to filter out the noise and convert data into structured reporting. Hear all about digital listening for competitive intelligence from expert Mohit Bhakuni, in our webinar. In case you missed it, you can:… [Read More]

Viral Video Marketing – Finding the Method to the Madness (Webinar Recording & FAQ)

Viral Video Marketing

To kick-start the LeadSquared webinar series for 2016, we had award-winning viral video marketer Aashish Chopra from ixigo, share his expertise on viral video marketing. The webinar also threw light on how to approach content for virality, including closing the ROI loop, and future trends of viral video marketing. In case you missed it, here’s a summary… [Read More]

How to Get Better at Lead Generation in 2016! (Webinar Recording & FAQ)

Lead Generation in 2016

As we say goodbye to 2015, here’s our final webinar blog post for this year. The last session, “How to Get Better at Lead Generation in 2016” was taken by LeadSquared’s Marketing Manager, Meenu Joshi. A number of questions were asked and answered during the session. In case you missed it, here’s a list of… [Read More]

16 Simple Ways Marketers Can Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016 – Webinar Recording & FAQ (Part I)

16 Simple Ways in which Marketers Can Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016 (Webinar Recording)

Last week’s session on ’16 Simple Ways Marketers Can Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016′ was one of the most successful webinar sessions we have ever had. Guest speaker Prateek Shah, Founder of Digital Defynd shared his expertise on digital marketing and addressed several questions asked during the session. However, there were so many that… [Read More]

How to Sell Effortlessly with Inbound Marketing (Webinar Recording)

inbound marketing

In our last webinar, guest panelist, Deepak Kanakaraju (a.k.a DigitalDeepak), talked about inbound marketing and what marketers can do to make it effortless and worthwhile. He also discussed the importance of content marketing and lead nurturing best practices to convert visitors into leads. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording below: Visit… [Read More]