7 Real Estate Drip Campaigns You Should Be Setting up Right Away


For a product as unpredictable as real estate, reaching out to the right audience can be tricky. Modern realtors, builders and brokers are utilizing quite a few innovative ways to reach the millennials – videos, snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. McKinsey and company claim that email is 40x more effective than Twitter and Facebook put… [Read More]

21 Best Stock Image Sites You Can use for Your Content Marketing

Best Stock Image Sites - cover

Images! They are the lifeline of your content. With so much content being produced and consumed each day, our attention spans have shrunk. And images are the only way content creators can even hope to retain interest. With this growing demand for visual content, marketers need access to high quality images. But finding the best… [Read More]

Real Estate Leads Online In India [Download Checklist]


In a hurry? Get your hands on the meat right away! Download the Generate Real Estate Leads Online Checklist [PDF] While the internet has opened up a gamut of marketing possibi lities for real estate professionals, on the flip side – it has made life a whole lot busier for them. Generate Real Estate Leads… [Read More]

The Growth and AMPlification of Mobile SEO: Webinar Deck

Mobile SEO - cover

With the world shifting towards mobile devices, so have marketers. Google has started penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly, and the shift of preferring smartphones over desktops has only been growing. This changing trend means that mobile SEO is gaining momentum. But what is it and how does it differ from normal SEO? Keeping in accordance… [Read More]

9 Growth Hacks for E-commerce Businesses: Webinar Recording

Growth hacks for e-commerce - cover

We can all agree that E-commerce is big! What with the successes of mass aggregrators like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as e-commerce platforms that cater to niches such as Nykaa, BigBasket and Zivame, the shopping experience has totally changed. Newer businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, and even old established businesses now have an option… [Read More]

How the Sales Efficiency of an Equity Research Firm Increased 4X times

Sales Efficiency - Cover

Research & Ranking, a part of the Equentis Wealth Advisory Services, is an Equity Market Research firm in India. They aim at helping investors with their wealth creation process by giving them information on the assets they invest in. While building their company, they discovered that their marketing methods were not as simplified as they would have… [Read More]

Why Traditional Advertising Media Should Not Be Ignored

Traditional Advertising - cover'

Ask any successful marketer, and they’ll tell you stories of how they experimented with various media before coming up with the perfect marketing media mix. You keep mixing and testing until you find ways in which they will complement each other. Not just that, they’ll also advise you to find campaigns that are working for you… [Read More]

Why Video Marketing will Help you Dominate 2017!

Why video marketing - cover

(Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse). An amazing year comes to an end, with mobile numbers sky-rocketing, viral videos breaking the internet, organic reach nose-diving and content marketing becoming mainstream*. If 2016 saw the rise of online video, 2017 will see the explosion of video content on tiny mobile screens. It’s raining videos everywhere, from Facebook… [Read More]

Infographic Marketing for Lead Generation and Increasing Email Subscribers


The power of visual media in today’s world is undeniable. A picture goes viral in seconds, while even the most well-written article might need time to attract readers. As a smart marketer in tune with the trends of the time, you must have by now realized how important good images and visual content are to… [Read More]

Marketing Automation in 2017 – How Much Can We Trust Technology?

Marketing automation in 2017 - technology meets intelligence

As the year draws to a close, there are plenty of speculations about how marketing automation in 2017 will evolve.  AI, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, adaptive tech – the works; Companies invest in sophisticated technology in a desperate battle to understand what the prospect would want and then cater to him seamlessly. I can’t help… [Read More]