5 Ways How Marketing Automation Software Helps Your Sales Team Sell Better

Marketing automation software helps sales team

Amit was having an exceptionally bad day. No lead seemed interested in his product, despite calling dozens of them. He had been a sales guy for over 3 years, he knew that he wasn’t giving them a wrong pitch – the leads, just weren’t right. Exactly one floor above, Namrata – the marketing head wasn’t… [Read More]

How Lead Qualification Helped Us Align Sales and Marketing


Does this ever happen between your sales and marketing teams? Marketers spend a lot of time, effort and money to create compelling campaigns, optimize them to generate leads, set auto-responders and alerts to connect with them promptly, before finally delivering the leads to the sales team. Many sales people do not even know these terms, but they very… [Read More]

8 Simple Hacks to Increase CTR in Google Adwords in 2017

How to increase CTR in Google Adwords

A few months ago, we conducted a webinar on Google Adwords. After the session, questions poured in. Among all the questions about keyword match types, conversion rates and campaign structure, there was one question that kept appearing – how to increase CTR in Google Adwords? It’s a fair question, but before we get to that, there’s one thing… [Read More]

9 Creative Drip Marketing Examples to Boost Your Lead Engagement

Drip Marketing Campaigns

It is a farmer’s delight to see the seeds he has sown bear fruit. But ask a farmer, it’s not that straightforward. While too much water may spoil the crops, too little would cause them to wither. The farmer has to ensure that the crops get an adequate amount of water at the right time. And… [Read More]

13 Form Design Ideas To Fire Up Your Lead Generation


It wasn’t very long ago that salespeople used pen and paper to note down the sales enquiries, scribbling down the details of prospective buyers. After a while, computers took over and digital notepads replaced paper, which were finally replaced by web forms. To state the obvious, this means that businesses don’t need to note down the information anymore –… [Read More]

Google Adwords Tutorial: A Comprehensive FAQ for PPC Marketers

Google Adwords Tutorial

Last time AdNabu‘s Salil joined us for a Google Adwords tutorial session, he shared quite a few PPC tips that Adwords beginners can use. You can check out the recording here, and the questions asked during the session here. This time around, we wanted him to discuss things that are a little more advanced, and the session was a… [Read More]

6 Real-time Marketing Ideas from #Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rs. Notes

Real-time marketing ideas that you can use

We were expecting breaking news on the American Elections. We sure as hell did not expect this – Our beloved PM Narendra Modiji announcing the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes The impact it had was definitely BIG. It set the Twitteratis in a frenzy, with constant tweets, hilarious memes and endless opinions…. [Read More]

Key Marketing Metrics You Need to Focus on and Their Importance – Webinar

Key Marketing Metrics- Recording

Marketing involves a lot of ambiguous activities, and hence might just be the most misunderstood function in the business! Do you feel my pain? As marketers, we are always struggling to find metrics beyond the superficial vanity ones (likes, shares and traffic) to show for our efforts. In addition, constant experimentation and monitoring is also… [Read More]

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup

8 Ways to Get Media & Press Coverage for Your Travel Startup

Media coverage can be hard to come by even for long-established companies, but it’s significantly harder for startups. Hacking the Media: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup In our last webinar, travel marketing expert, Tanu Arora from TravHQ – a travel marketing and media website, joined us to discuss, how to get media coverage… [Read More]

6000 Year Old Concept Of Lead Generation


6000 years ago, Mesopotamian tribe invented a way to trade goods and services by exchanging tea, spices, food, weapons and even human skulls. This was later termed barter system. Money did not exist then. But even after money was born, barter system didn’t die. You can still see young children exchange Pokemon cards, goods swapping website… [Read More]