6 Real-time Marketing Ideas from #Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rs. Notes

Real-time marketing ideas that you can use

We were expecting breaking news on the American Elections. We sure as hell did not expect this – Our beloved PM Narendra Modiji announcing the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes The impact it had was definitely BIG. It set the Twitteratis in a frenzy, with constant tweets, hilarious memes and endless opinions…. [Read More]

Key Marketing Metrics You Need to Focus on and Their Importance – Webinar

Key Marketing Metrics- Recording

Marketing involves a lot of ambiguous activities, and hence might just be the most misunderstood function in the business! Do you feel my pain? As marketers, we are always struggling to find metrics beyond the superficial vanity ones (likes, shares and traffic) to show for our efforts. In addition, constant experimentation and monitoring is also… [Read More]

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup

8 Ways to Get Media & Press Coverage for Your Travel Startup

Media coverage can be hard to come by even for long-established companies, but it’s significantly harder for startups. Hacking the Media: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup In our last webinar, travel marketing expert, Tanu Arora from TravHQ – a travel marketing and media website, joined us to discuss, how to get media coverage… [Read More]

6000 Year Old Concept Of Lead Generation


6000 years ago, Mesopotamian tribe invented a way to trade goods and services by exchanging tea, spices, food, weapons and even human skulls. This was later termed barter system. Money did not exist then. But even after money was born, barter system didn’t die. You can still see young children exchange Pokemon cards, goods swapping website… [Read More]

Lead Management System – One Size Does Not Fit All [Infographic]

Lead Management System

On the surface, lead management system sounds like a fairly simple and universal term – A system which manages your leads. I tried to go a step deeper and spoke to a few users (business owners, sales people and marketers from different industries and business sizes), and wasn’t really surprised at what I found. Every single business uses (interprets)… [Read More]

PPC Advertising for Beginners: All You Need to Know

PPC Advertising

Why is PPC advertising so popular? Getting organic rankings for your business keywords isn’t exactly easy. It takes time and effort. PPC, on the other hand, is one of the easiest and quickest ways to put advertisements in front of targeted audiences searching about something related to your business. If you do it right, that is…. [Read More]

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?


Designers design; copywriters write. What do Conversion rate optimization experts do? To understand the difference, let’s first understand what conversion and conversion rate means. Conversion happens when a visitor acts on your offer by filling up the form, subscribing to your newsletter, making a purchase or taking any other action which pushes them further in the sales cycle. The offer can be… [Read More]

10 New Ways to Generate Facebook Leads Without Running Ads

Generate Facebook leads without ads

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore the social media beast: Facebook. If you have diligently maintained a good brand presence on Facebook, created an engaged community through campaigns and branding, and have created a steady content calendar for your social media publishing with high quality informational content, you can utilize the power of… [Read More]