LeadSquared Wins FinancesOnline User Experience & Expert’s Choice Awards 2016

Online Review Sites

Since the summer of 2012, LeadSquared, a complete Customer Acquisition Platform, has been helping small and medium businesses drive revenue by aligning their marketing and sales activities. The revenue acceleration software is being used by businesses to increase their selling velocity and retain customer mindshare. One of the ways we reach out to our audience… [Read More]

Growth Hacking 2016 – How to Get Customers for Cheap

Growth hacking

“There is no such thing as Zero- Budget Growth Hacking” announced Ravi Trivedi at our last webinar. The Founder of the SAAS company PushEngage calmly pointed out that every strategy that you come up with will require some resources – be it seed amount to kickstart the campaign or long man-hours to ensure it’s functionality…. [Read More]

7 Customer Engagement Strategies to Improve Retention (Webinar recording and FAQ)

Customer Engagement Strategies

By working with organizations like Tally and handling their strategic alliances and partnerships, one can gather a lot of knowledge. Following that up as the Chief Evangelist at Exotel, Nikhil Kumar has a lot to say about the know-hows of customer engagement. He has worked across platforms ranging from desktop products, SMB products, enterprise products… [Read More]

Ananda Spa’s Journey to Better Lead Management

Ananda Spa- Lead Management

Ananda in the Himalayas is a luxury destination spa spread across 100-acres of Maharaja palace’s estate. Amidst lush forests, it overlooks the spiritual city of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley, and has people pouring in from all over India for health and rejuvenation retreats. With several traditional and digital marketing programs in place, they had lots of leads and… [Read More]

How to Build Trust Online for Your Business- Learn from the Pros

Online Trust

I’d rather go to my usual grocer who gives me fresh produce, personalized discounts and is familiar with my regular grocery buying behavior, than a fancy retail store whose ads do nothing other than boast. In fact, the next time I visit the market with a friend, I would tell them to go to bhaiyya. That’s what taking… [Read More]

How to Get Better at Website Conversion Optimization

Website Conversion Optimization

In our last webinar, inbound marketing expert, Mandar Marathe talked about the website conversion optimization and 10 ways to improve traffic, leads and revenue for your website. Mandar is the co-founder of BriefKase Digital Communications, a marketing agency, and a full stack digital marketer. A number of interesting questions about website conversion optimization were asked at… [Read More]

Customer Acquisition Stories – How 3 Entrepreneurs Built Succesful Businesses

Customer acquisition

“There is a story behind everything”, is something my boss (@Nilesh Patel) is fond of telling me. As a content marketer, I am trained to hunt out the interesting story that almost always gets missed behind regular life. The story of your business, especially your customer acquisition strategy, is no different. Have you had a… [Read More]