How Lead Tech is Changing Earning – The Indian Fintech Marketing Story

Indian Fintech Marketing story

A couple of weeks ago, as I flipped through The Economic Times, I saw a full page article on “How Ed-Tech is Changing Learning.”  This immediately struck a chord with me, as I know well that most of us don’t really flip through newspapers anymore, we scroll down. Education has transformed completely in the past few… [Read More]

Education Marketing – 4 Ways Creative Content Can Generate More Admissions

Education marketing - creative content ideas

On the surface, education and marketing appear to be worlds apart. One is concerned with using words to impart knowledge; the other is preoccupied with spinning copy to satisfy a need for sales. But therein lies the point: even educational institutes need to make money. Actually, the fact that academic language and copywriting live in… [Read More]

Importance of a Strategic Marketing Plan: Lessons from SayFix


Two things teach us valuable lessons: experience and example. This story has both. It takes great courage to start something new. Even greater to soldier on when the industry gets crowded with heavily funded competition. But what is most courageous of all, is realizing that somewhere you went wrong, being wise enough to accept it, and gracious… [Read More]

How to Align Your Content Marketing Strategy to Your Business Goals


In my 4 years of experience as a marketing consultant, I have helped many startups devise their content marketing strategy. Almost always, the first problem I find is that their content marketing efforts are not aligned with their business goals. I get it! Inbound marketing and content marketing are hot topics and everyone is on the lookout for overnight success. But unfortunately,… [Read More]

How I Learned to Create Viral Content (and You Can Too)

How I learned to create viral content

In August 2015, we had to write 5 articles in 7 days for a few sites we were guest blogging at. It was tough given the 3-people marketing team we had then. I volunteered to contribute and wrote my very first blog post, which eventually was scrapped by the publication it was intended for. Anyhow, my team… [Read More]

17 Practical Marketing Quotes to Make You a Better Marketer

marketing quotes

Have you had those uncertain moments while marketing, where you are sort of stuck in a rut, and all you need is someone to give you a lift-up? Or maybe the times when you needed authentic advice on what’s the next campaign you should focus on and you get preached at by your seemingly-all-knowing-well-meaning-altruistic (read interfering)… [Read More]

LeadSquared Wins FinancesOnline User Experience & Expert’s Choice Awards 2016

Online Review Sites

Since the summer of 2012, LeadSquared, a complete Customer Acquisition Platform, has been helping small and medium businesses drive revenue by aligning their marketing and sales activities. The revenue acceleration software is being used by businesses to increase their selling velocity and retain customer mindshare. One of the ways we reach out to our audience… [Read More]

Growth Hacking 2016 – How to Get Customers for Cheap

Growth hacking

“There is no such thing as Zero- Budget Growth Hacking” announced Ravi Trivedi at our last webinar. The Founder of the SAAS company PushEngage calmly pointed out that every strategy that you come up with will require some resources – be it seed amount to kickstart the campaign or long man-hours to ensure it’s functionality…. [Read More]

7 Customer Engagement Strategies to Improve Retention (Webinar recording and FAQ)

Customer Engagement Strategies

By working with organizations like Tally and handling their strategic alliances and partnerships, one can gather a lot of knowledge. Following that up as the Chief Evangelist at Exotel, Nikhil Kumar has a lot to say about the know-hows of customer engagement. He has worked across platforms ranging from desktop products, SMB products, enterprise products… [Read More]