DIY Landing Pages Power PrintVenue’s Adwords PPC Campaigns

DIY Landing Pages

Printvenue was founded to bring a new standard of quality and service for online commercial printing. The company provides customized printing, graphics and marketing services for micro-enterprises, professionals and small businesses in India and Singapore. The fast growing online printing and creative firm aims to deliver the best solutions to its customers and have a penchant for consistently updating their services.

DIY Landing Pages

The printing firm significantly boosted their lead generation process from PPC marketing campaigns with LeadSquared’s conversion optimized DIY landing pages. Online Marketing Specialist at Printvenue, Soumya C P tells us how:

1. What does your company do?

Printvenue is into printing provision services. All kinds of gifting items, like card holders, pens, cufflinks, greeting cards, key chains, laptop skins, t-shirts and many more accessories are custom printed. Our website provides details of all the items that we offer. We have expanded our services to Singapore as well and we have two distinct websites, one for India and another for Singapore.

2. For how long have you been doing this?

The company was founded one and half years ago. The Indian business took off then. About 5-6 months back, we decided to venture outside India.

3. How do you generate leads?

  • Google ads: We invest in Google ads for lead generation. It is an important channel for our business.
  • Website Contact Forms: We also get new leads from the direct sign up form on our website, organically.
  • Email Campaigns: Frequent email campaigns also help us in lead capture.
  • Social media: In addition, social media sources, like our Facebook page also generates new leads.

4. How many members are there in your marketing team?

The marketing team consists of 8 members. Each member contributes to different marketing operations. My colleague and I handle email campaigns and newsletters. Some of the members look after Google ads and SEM, while a few others handle SEO.  The rest look after social media marketing. To keep everyone in sync, one of the marketing team members coordinates with the rest and reports to the marketing manager.

5. How did you capture the details of the campaign visitors before you started using LeadSquared?

We have always understood the importance of landing pages in the lead generation process, so we direct all our adwords PPC campaign traffic to landing pages. The information on landing pages is focused on specific offers, unlike the website, where the information can get overwhelming for the visitor.

6. Did you use any tool to create Landing Pages before LeadSquared?

We were not using any landing page tool. All the pages were created manually using HTML editor, which was difficult and time-consuming. That is why we were on a lookout for DIY landing pages, to simplify the process for us.

7. So what challenges did you encounter?

Landing pages have two components –

  1. The design
  2. To put that in HTML

We did not have a technical and design person to create the landing pages for us. In fact, the team was trying to pull it off in-house. The process of creating quality landing pages was time-consuming and tedious. If we had a template or a model landing page that could be reused in different campaigns with simple edits, it would have worked. But unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple with HTML coded landing pages. So, we were looking for a simple solution to create landing pages.

8. Why did you pick LeadSquared?

diy landing pagesAs I have mentioned before, we realized that we needed a software that would help us create landing pages with ease and simplify the process for us. That’s when we looked at LeadSquared and found that we could create landing pages easily using conversion optimized templates. We looked at other tools but found the DIY landing pages to be super cool; it is easy to look at the performance of the landing pages and improve them if needed very quickly. Finally, I must say that I enjoyed the responsiveness of the customer success team in helping us get going which made it easy for us to pick LeadSquared.

 9. How has the software helped?

LeadSquared’s DIY landing pages provides several dozen landing page templates suitable for our business needs.  After choosing a template, it is very easy to modify the elements on the page like logo, form, images, etc without spending much time. You do not need to know any kind of coding to create landing pages using LeadSquared.

Plus, the dashboard is simple and concise and the editor is very simple and easy to use. You can quickly see the performance of the landing page in the reports to analyze the campaign performance and identify sources which drive leads.  LeadSquared has significantly reduced our time to launch a campaign, and has provided us with meaningful analysis of landing pages. It has optimized our lead generation process.

10. Has LeadSquared benefitted you in any other way?

We have not explored other features of LeadSquared. For the time being, we are only using DIY landing pages and that is very useful to us. I’d recommend LeadSquared to anybody who is doing online marketing for lead generation.

diy landing pages

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