Uniphore Enhanced Their Customer Engagement With Marketing Automation

Uniphore Software Systems is an IT services company that designs and delivers speech-based enterprise mobility service applications to help connect businesses with their customers and employees in real time. They have a roster of high-profile, satisfied customers across multiple verticals – Contact Centers, Financial Service Providers (mobile commerce & banking), FMCGs & NBFCs (sales force automation), and Agriculture, Healthcare, & Education (content delivery services).

In 2014, Deloitte recognized Uniphore as one of the Top 50 fastest growing tech companies in India.

Customer Engagement

The Challenge:

The Uniphore team was dependent on several people to get their marketing campaigns going. However, this delayed their ongoing campaign release. Moreover, not having everything in a single place and relying on external designers to run campaigns seemed to complicate the process further. Kavi S, Marketing Consultant at Uniphore Software Systems takes us through their marketing process and how LeadSquared made it possible for them to run timely email campaigns.

What is your business about?

Uniphore Software Systems is a 6-year old company. We are into speech-based mobility enterprise solutions. We have 2 segments, one is speech segment and the other is mobility segment.

  1. We provide speech solutions to different industries like banks, contact centers, financial institutions, agriculture, healthcare, government and a few others. We provide speech solutions like voice biometric, speech recognition solution, language processing solution, and speech analytics.
  2. We also have mobility solutions, which are used by different financial institutions for their sales force productivity.

Now we are looking to expand our business to different geographies.

How do you generate leads?

Email campaign is one of the primary sources for lead generation. We also use PPC Ads, Facebook ads, social media, and the usual online lead generation methods.

Apart from that, we also use offline methods. In a year, we participate in about 6-8 conferences and fests, across different geographies like UAE, India and other places.

What tools were you using prior to LeadSquared?

Before LeadSquared, we had a different approach. We used a marketing automation tool for email marketing. Apart from that, we had a different CRM system which was used by the sales team.

We had a vendor who managed the designing and development of landing pages. So they worked on the web design, and then created landing pages and uploaded them on our website. We used the email marketing automation tool to send industry insights via mails and that directed traffic to our landing pages.

Did you face any specific problems?

The problem was that we were relying on different people to get the email campaign out. For a campaign to be released in 2 weeks’ time, we had to depend on the designer to get the design out, then the developer to complete the coding role. We had too many people working on a single campaign and that held us back. We wanted to rule out that issue and have everything in a single system.

How did LeadSquared help?

One of the core reasons to look at LeadSquared was this – we wanted to create landing pages from the same tool itself and not outsource it.

Now, we are using LeadSquared to create landing pages, and generate and nurture our leads. With LeadSquared, now we can also connect our landing pages to our website without any development efforts or external help. LeadSquared is helping us:

  • Reduce campaign turnaround time (as we can now create and send email campaigns on our own),
  • Track our lead’s performance from the early stages, right till they become our customers and even after that,
  • Monitor the lead’s progress in our sales cycle with intelligent analytics/insights,
  • Understand their interest level in our products and so on.

Key benefits:

We are able to send out mailers in proper timelines. Overall, the lead engagement rate has improved to 20% from 5%-10%.

Apart from that, the efficiency of the workforce has also improved. We don’t rely on external vendors now; we are prepared well to do our marketing campaigns in-house. We have LeadSquared to thank for helping us improve our marketing productivity and customer engagement.

Customer Engagement“LeadSquared is working out well for us. It has also saved us money in managing the operations. Earlier, we would have to pay separate people for the work they did. Now, we have cut down that cost. We are able to do everything from within and our team has been able to deliver every single email campaign on time, improving our efficiency by 50%.”

Kavi S, Marketing Consultant at Uniphore Software Systems

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