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About Fateh Education:

Fateh Education is a multi-location consultancy for students and professionals aspiring to take the IELTS test. The institute is an ideal launching pad for candidates requiring high bands in the IELTS test, for further studies abroad.

Fateh Education has several accolades to its name. It is among the leading training institutes in Delhi and has been given a tier 3 status by British Council – the highest for any institution in Delhi for IELTS. It is also one of the top agencies associated with IDP-Education Australia in Delhi region in terms of number of student referred by the institute, for the IELTS exam conducted by them.


Fateh Education was investing on multiple lead generation channels like Justdial, Shiksha, and Google AdWords. The latter was their main marketing channel which helped in driving traffic to their website.

The Challenge:

As mentioned before, although traffic was being generated to the site, lack of a proper lead management system and marketing automation, caused lost opportunities. Their marketing system was old and was therefore, not generating enough actionable and relevant insights.

  • Being a business of high scalability, the team faced difficulty as their existing system was unable to address those needs.
  • As their existing system was old, it was unable to integrate with the newer marketing channels.

With such glitches in the system, the team at Fateh Education realized that the institute needed an integrated system that could nurture and engage with students, in a market as competitive as theirs. They decided to look for a smarter, newer and integrated marketing and lead generation software that would

  • Centralize leads,
  • Generate lead insights, and
  • Automate the follow-up and lead distribution process.

The Solution:

Using the integrated lead generation and marketing software, the team at Fateh Education was able to integrate all of their marketing efforts. LeadSquared is relevant to the current marketing practices and was able to scale with their business. The software captured and managed leads from multiple locations and gave Fateh Education, the ability to

    • monitor the movement of leads in the pipeline, and
    • track the performance of counsellors.

They were able to capture and centralize leads from all sources using LeadSquared’s landing pages, engage them using auto-responders and emails, and find and prioritize the most qualified ones using lead analytics.

LeadSquared’s advanced marketing analytics were able to provide Fateh Education with detailed lead insights that allowed counsellors to connect with relevant prospects. Moreover, LeadSquared gave counsellors the ability to not only find relevant leads but also close those deals in the shortest possible time.

Lead Reactivation gave Fateh Education the ability to reactivate leads and bring them back to the sales funnel.



1. LeadSquared was tight on the marketing side and was able to scale to their business needs.

2. The marketing software allowed the team to automate the follow-up process and reduce lead leakage.

3. Counsellors became more productive because they were now able to identify important leads.

4. Using LeadSquared, Fateh Education increased conversions by 50%.

LeadSquared has to be the simplest lead management solution out there. It identifies the most important leads for my counselling team to follow up – big incentive for my team to use it. My team just loves this product. 

– Suneet Singh Kochar, CEO, Fateh Education

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