How Lead Tech is Changing Earning – The Indian Fintech Marketing Story

A couple of weeks ago, as I flipped through The Economic Times, I saw a full page article on “How Ed-Tech is Changing Learning.” 

Edtech is changing learning - The Fintech marketing story

This immediately struck a chord with me, as I know well that most of us don’t really flip through newspapers anymore, we scroll down. Education has transformed completely in the past few years, and so have our own learning habits.

(it’s a really relevant article for education; please find the link at the end)

As I read on, my thoughts drifted elsewhere. Being the Founder of, which is an active player in Indian Fintech space, my immediate thought was

How ELead-Tech is Changing Learning.

(stay with me, I’ll explain) ?

The big shift that’s transforming Fintech

To give you some context, let’s start with how Financial Services Industry is also seeing a drastic transformation, just like education.

There are many variants of financial technology players in India, startup scene is red hot, there are incubators getting set up, and SBI has launched a new fund for Fintech startups.

Indian Fintech marketing story - SBI's fintech startup fund

User behavior has seen a drastic shift as well – courtesy technology, internet, Aadhaar, Jan Dhan bank accounts, government’s push towards cashless transactions, mobile payments, thrust of government to push credit to MSMEs….the list is endless.

Consequently, Fintech startups and even existing incumbents, are finding it tough to have a seamless prospect to customer lifecycle, especially at scale. Potential numbers in India can easily ramp up to millions of transactions – which enhances earnings or bottom-line in the long run.

The challenge 

I think that most Fintech startups deal with the same major teething and scale issue –

Trying customer outreach without having a strong setup in Fintech Marketing, Sales, Lead Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) does not yield good fruits for invested labor, time and money.

So, what shall differentiate a good Fintech startup from also-rans in the long term?

The capability to harness Lead-Tech to do better Fintech marketing, generate more leads, convert them into customers, serve them well, and engage them towards a deep long-term customer relationship, thus enhancing customer lifetime value for the business.

Easier said than done! ?

There are challenges that await even the smartest of Fintech startups, who realize the importance of a good marketing and customer relationship management strategy right from the start.

Indian Fintech Marketing story

Different Fintech companies belong to very different areas like small business lending, consumer lending, wealth management, asset management, trading, payments and so on. Customers of these companies and their responses to differnt Fintech marketing and outreach campaigns are very different and nuanced due to customer segmentation, and geographic and linguistic barriers.

Hence, not using a reliable Fintech marketing and CRM solution means missing out on several key features such as customer segmentation, behavior-based communication, content marketing, and so on.

Customer acquisition costs also vary for different Fintech players, and unless you have a great system to measure and manage your campaign costs and results, you will not earn much!

What influenced FundsTiger’s decision?

#1. Need for an integrated Fintech Marketing solution

We saw these challenges, and immediately decided that we needed a system to tackle these issues head-on. After careful evaluation, we chose LeadSquared, because we needed a fintech marketing and CRM solution that integrated well with email management, telephony solutions, SMS solutions and one that had strong capabilities in assisting with content marketing and tracking dashboards.

#2. Adaptability to the Great Indian market

What I would consider as the biggest advantage of using LeadSquared, is its ability to configure itself to adapt to Indian conditions. It is perhaps the best solution available, with functionality that is well thought of for your sales and marketing teams, and one that is uniquely suited for Indian businesses.

Having said that, I believe that many heavily promoted CRM or Content Marketing solutions coming out of the US, would find less usability in India and other developing countries where it is difficult to generate the ROI for these tools. These super expensive $ denominated solutions do not cater to the unique landscape of India and the cost efficiencies sought by our companies here. In India, people are just waking up to digital marketing and hence, having a very expensive, feature-heavy solution tailored for the western market, does not make much sense here. That was precisely the reason why we explored all the options and chose LeadSquared as our tool and are currently leveraging it to the fullest.

The Benefits

#1. Invaluable data analytics

As someone who runs a big digital loan marketplace and receives multi-channel borrower applications, I have found data analysis from our LeadSquared experience invaluable, especially when it comes to ensuring that our leads not only have the possibility of converting but also providing a profit at portfolio level.

The Fintech marketing story - data analytics

#2. A complete understanding of our customers

Our business development team can now better understand the buying habits of multiple demographics and firmographics. We know if a company or individual prefers to buy offline or online, relies on a PC or smartphone etc. This enables us to target them accordingly, ensuring maximum earning realization.

So, you see there are some major marketing and customer acquisition challenges that lie ahead for all of us Fintech players, but there are solutions too, and we need to make sure that we are fast enough to adapt to the changing user behavior and wise enough to find the right tools to aid us along.

Moral of the story: Use Ed-tech for Learning, but use Lead-Tech for Earning!

(References : How Ed-tech is Changing Learning in The Economic Times on 16-Sep-16.

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