From 14 to 40: IntelliGrape Scores with Email Marketing

To the New logoIntelliGrape Software is a premium technology company that conceives, develops and manages high quality applications for web, mobile, cloud and social media platforms. IntelliGrape is a global leader in Groovy and Grails development and is one of the earliest adopters of Node.js, a JavaScript framework, apt for building highly scalable applications. The software company is also an Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller for Amazon Web Services (AWS), with offices in Singapore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, London, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Guangzhou and Burbank.

TO THE NEWIn spite of having an email marketing software in place, IntelliGrape did not have access to intelligent lead insights and in-depth reports of their email marketing campaigns. With LeadSquared, IntelliGrape was not only able to access the information they were looking for, but also manage their leads simultaneously, all under one roof. Anshumali Mishra, Principal DRA of IntelliGrape, takes us through the transition:

What is your business about?

We are a software company, dealing in many things. We look at website development. Our services include

  • Grails Development
  • CQ Development
  • Node.js Development
  • AWS Consulting
  • Mobile AppsDevelopment
  • Big Data Consulting

We work on many other technologies. We have partnerships with Amazon Web Services, MongoDB, DataStax, and Adobe. Our clientele ranges from SonyLiv, India  to American startups like FullContact.

2014-09-08_1502How do you generate leads?

We use multiple media to generate leads. We use PPC, social media, phones calls, etc. We have a sales team and a lead-generation team in place, for that. We use LeadSquared’s email campaigns to engage leads.

What were your reasons for picking LeadSquared?

We used tools like Get Response and others before LeadSquared.The main problem then was that they were kind of tough to work on. LeadSquared is much easier to use in that aspect.

In case of Get Response, when we sent email campaigns – the report would show clicks  of only those mails where pictures were downloaded by the recipients. Now, we never really sent pictures in our emails. However, the notification to download pictures still showed. So the open rate would automatically be 0 because generally people never download pictures if it comes in an email (in this industry).

With our earlier tools, we did not have access to in depth reports, intelligent lead insights and marketing statistics on our ongoing email campaigns. For example, how many people opened our mails, how many clicks were there, etc.

LeadSquared made all of this possible for us.

How long have you used it?

For more than a year.

How has LeadSquared helped your business?

With LeadSquared, we can find out the opens and clicks of our email campaigns, which wasn’t available to us before. So now we instantly know how the campaign has performed, how many people have opened the email, etc. This information also helps our sales team since they can give that reference while speaking to prospects (by saying, “you have shown interest in our service” and so on).

Has it provided any additional benefits?

LeadSquared has definitely benefited us. Earlier, our email campaigns had an open rate percentage of about 10-15%. With LeadSquared, it has increased to 40%. Other features like lead score has helped us identify leads who are really interested in our service. Our nurturing efforts have also improved thanks to LeadSquared’s lead engagement index.  


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