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About Espire Education:

Espire Education is an educational firm that helps students who are planning to go abroad for higher studies, achieve their goals. The team helps students choose appropriate courses, provides counselling services and eventually helps them secure a seat in one of the top universities abroad. Once admission is confirmed, Espire Education assists students in completing formalities to go abroad.


Espire Education used multiple channels to generate education leads, including both online as well as offline ones.  Their website is their main lead generation engine. In addition to that, the Espire team also takes part in events, career fairs, seminars, etc., to find students who are interested in their offers.

The Challenge:

Espire had a small cohesive team wherein all the members participated in their lead generation and marketing activities. Initially, excel sheets was the way to go as there weren’t many leads and thus, managing them was rather simple. The team would manually put in lead details into an excel sheet and track those students. Gradually, the lead volume increased considerably and the continuous process of tracking and managing new and old leads was becoming tedious.

They were generating leads from multiple sources like phone, chat, events, etc., but were unable to find out which sources worked best for them. There were numerous occasions when the same students would fill up the form multiple times. Hence, efforts were wasted in the process and managing them in totality was a daunting task. They needed to change their system. A marketing software that would automatically capture, manage and track old and new leads, from multiple sources was what they required.

The Solution:

Leads from different sources, like website, blog comments, chat and telephone (from cloud telephony system) were automatically captured and managed in a common integrated system. With LeadSquared, the team did not have to manually store leads in excel sheets and were aware of the activities of all the leads. This proved to be highly beneficial for the team.

For example, if a certain student was looking through the science courses offered in specific universities or was looking at top universities in a specific country, the team members could provide the students with further details on their area of interest.

LeadSquared’s website lead tracking feature automatically monitored lead activities and provided an insight on each student’s engagement and activity with the counsellors. The Espire team was particularly happy with LeadSquared’s tracking feature as they were able to track each student individually and find out what they were doing on the site. LeadSquared’s scoring feature helped them distinguish leads that were more interested and from those that weren’t.



1. Intelligent marketing helped reduce lead leakage.

2. With automated tracking and scoring features, manual effort spent on managing leads was reduced by 70%.

3. Espire was able to increase conversion by 50% with conversion optimized landing pages.

4. With an integrated lead management and marketing software in place, the team could now focus on other priorities like actual counselling of the students.

I think LeadSquared’s biggest asset is its ability to automate lead capture from web, phone and chat sources, and track individually, what each lead is doing on the site. This enabled us to dig deeper into their areas of interest and provide the students with the right assistance. 

– Tasleem Khan, Lead Marketing, Espire Education

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