How Algoworks increased Lead Volume and improved Lead Quality using LeadSquared

Founded in 2006, Algoworks is an IT services company that provides services in the area of software product engineering, enterprise mobility solutions, enterprise content management solutions and customer relationship management solutions. With solutions that are flexible enough to meet the demands of start ups to Fortune 500 companies, it’s no wonder that their clientele ranges from EBay and  Coca Cola to multiple start ups.  Here’s a glimpse of their core service structure: 

lead generation for IT services

Problem Statement

Algoworks sales and marketing team was using two different systems for managing their processes – CRM for sales process management and an email campaign tool for marketing outreach programs. With two disconnected systems in place, it was impossible for both sales and marketing teams to be on the same page and neither teams had the full view of what was going on with each lead and opportunity. Due to lack of coordination between the two teams, their lead generation for IT services suffered.

Apart from this issue, the sales team found the CRM system overwhelming, complex and time consuming to use for their needs. The marketing team was only able to measure the email campaign performance like ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’,  but had no way to find the leads which actually went and looked at their marketing offers on the website. Essentially both teams had no way to identify the leads which were showing more interest versus others.

The Challenges

1. Fragmented Sales and Marketing Efforts hampered lead generation for IT services

Algoworks was getting leads from various sources; including various outbound and inbound marketing campaigns. These leads were then handed over to the sales team. The sales team followed up, and connected with the leads through calls.

Ideally, after the call, the sales team should log the call intelligence or information into the CRM. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case at Algoworks. The process of logging the calls and updating lead records was a time consuming process. Due to this, the sales team would often choose not to log the information or haphazardly store the call information in Excel Sheets. This reluctance wasn’t without a reason!

The sales team had to respond to numerous leads without any idea about the level of their interest in the service. Perhaps, if sales had a way of knowing how interested a lead was in their service, this wouldn’t have been the case. Although, the sales team could get access to some lead information from the email marketing system they were using, the task of gathering additional information from a separate system was time-consuming, and therefore discouraging.

The image below describes the situation Algoworks was in, at the time. Red signifies hot, yellow signifies warm and blue signifies cold. The sales team did not have a way of categorizing the leads, and was therefore, left with the enormous task of  responding to all of them, regardless of how important they were. 

lead generation for IT services

 2. Not enough data in the CRM to do any meaningful analysis of sales and marketing performance

Since the call logs and other lead related information was not being recorded consistently, there was not enough data available in the CRM to do meaningful analysis. Insufficient data in the CRM made it difficult  to generate and analyze the sales and marketing performance reports, making lead generation for IT services, a difficult task. This data would have otherwise helped them identify the top lead generation sources, leads which were likely to convert, performance of individual sales team members, and more.

3. Their CRM system did not enable them to capture leads generated using PPC Marketing

The marketing team at Algoworks was planning to do digital marketing activities (like Google Ads, and other PPC ads) to help them in their lead generation for IT services. Therefore, the team was looking for tools that could help them create landing pages, setup auto response and give them additional intelligence to fine tune their PPC marketing campaigns. Their CRM system did not have these features and they therefore, wanted a marketing software that could help them integrate all of their digital and PPC marketing activities along with their existing marketing and sales process.

As a result, there were using different tools for different marketing and sales operations, as shown in the image below, making lead generation for IT services, a difficult task.  

lead generation for IT services


1. LeadSquared helped them integrate their sales and marketing efforts

With LeadSquared, the sales team at Algoworks had all the information in one system. LeadSquared allowed them to generate leads (using landing pages), store leads and manage them simultaneously. Data was not scattered and that meant, no time was wasted on looking through different tools for different information. Thus, there was no need to store leads and opportunity information separately in Excel Sheets.

The sales team was now motivated to log the call intelligence into the LeadSquared system. Because of integration of all the marketing activities, lead activity information was already in the system. Sales team could log into LeadSquared before making their calls, to get additional lead intelligence. They could check the lead activities to understand what kind of marketing material a particular lead was interacting with.

The follow up marketing material (email campaigns for lead nurturing) was now sent through the same marketing tool, LeadSquared. With this information, they were able to identify which campaigns were engaging with the leads, and thereby, increase conversions.

As shown in the image below, the lead scoring feature helped distinguish between the hot, warm and cold leads, enabling prioritization of important leads.

lead generation for IT services

2. One system to store all the Leads and Opportunity data

With LeadSquared, all the information and data related to Lead and Opportunity was available in one system. Data being at one place made it seamless to generate and analyze reports.  The marketing team had insights on the top lead generation sources which were giving high quality leads and converting into sales, marketing offers and campaigns which were generating the best sales outcome, and more. Now, the sales team was able to identify the leads which were showing most interest in buying their services, could follow them very closely and this in turn, enabled them to find out, how exactly the leads were responding to their marketing offers.

3. With LeadSquared, PPC marketing was a breeze

Conversion optimized landing pages were being used by the digital marketers as means to convert a high percentage of visitors into leads. With LeadSquared the marketing team at Algoworks could now easily create conversion optimized landing pages for the AdWords and other PPC marketing campaigns since all the leads generated, were directly getting stored in LeadSquared. The team could also test different versions of the same landing page, and with the help of landing page reports, identify those pages which were generating quality leads. Not only that, the leads generated from online Adwords campaigns were getting directly assigned to the sales team for immediate follow up.

With LeadSquared, PPC marketing as well as email marketing was a breeze, since all the data was now stored, nurtured and managed in one system, as shown in the image below. 

lead generation for IT services


LeadSquared helped Algoworks streamline their marketing and sales operations for better lead generation for IT services. Earlier, their marketing campaign did not give too many conversions. But now, sales prospecting was better, hence, more conversions and almost no loss of leads.

With LeadSquared, the team at Algoworks could

  • Integrate their marketing and sales activities to save time and effort, thereby increasing the ROI on sales and marketing budget.
  • Get detailed lead analytics to identify the leads that were more likely to convert.
  • Nurture leads to ensure the leads which are not sales ready are also getting attention
  • Analyze the returns on their marketing efforts, and identify the sources that got them the best conversions.

Since then, Algoworks have increased lead volume by 200% and improved lead quality by 50%. Now, the IT firm is looking towards expanding their horizons and striving to achieve success in very service.

“LeadSquared helped us manage and identify leads who are likely to buy our services. Our marketing and lead generation team just love this product.”

– Ajeet Singh, Algoworks

lead generation for IT services

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