How the Sales Efficiency of an Equity Research Firm Increased 4X times

Research & RankingSales Efficiency - Logo, a part of the Equentis Wealth Advisory Services, is an Equity Market Research firm in India. They aim at helping investors with their wealth creation process by giving them information on the assets they invest in. While building their company, they discovered that their marketing methods were not as simplified as they would have liked. And thus began their search for a tool that would solve their problems. Gaurav Goel, the co-founder and director at Research & Ranking, talks about how LeadSquared helped increase their sales efficiency four times over.

Can you tell us about the company?

Research & Ranking is all about investing long term in equity markets. People who wish to invest in mutual funds are not very aware of its nuances. Investing your money anywhere, where there is no assurance of returns is always a tricky business. That is what we are trying to solve. By giving investors information on the portfolios they invest in, we help them make informed decisions.

What were the challenges you faced?

As the company grew, and our database expanded, we realized that our business processes were outdated. The major problems were:

  • Lack of a proper lead management system
  • Lack of understanding of the customers mindsets
  • Lack of a proper reporting system for better planning
  • Lack of a sales tracking tool.

Since we sell financial services, the regular sales methodology was not very effective. We needed to figure out the psyche of the target first. But, we did not have a good tool that would help us do this.  So we began actively looking for solutions that would make sense for our business.

Why did you choose LeadSquared?

I had personally begun my research on a good Marketing Automation and CRM tool. That’s when I stumbled upon LeadSquared. I began studying on the company, its functionalities and the reviews it had gotten from its users.

Though we evaluated other tools in the market as well, we did not find any tool that perfectly fit our requirements, in addition to being pocket-friendly. After ruling out a lot of options, LeadSquared became the obvious choice for us.

What benefits have you seen after using the product?

It has been a year since we have started using LeadSquared, and we have seen many tangible benefits from the product. We use it mostly for Lead Management, Email Campaigns and to generate reports. The following features are what makes the tool invaluable to us.

It is very easy to use:

The interface is very user-friendly, that even someone who is new to using the system will not have much difficulty in adapting to the product. I really like working with LeadSquared, especially for this reason. It makes my work much easier.

It comes with a lot of functionalities:

When you run a business, you need to incorporate various functionalities in your automation tool. But unlike other tools, LeadSquared comes already incorporated with out of the box functionalities that any business would need. There is no need for me to request for anything extra. This saves me a lot of time and effort.

Its makes activity tracking easier:

One feature of LeadSquared that we found really helpful was the website tracking option. We are now able to figure out exactly what our customers do on our website, the pages that they visit and the amount of time that is being spent on each page. This arms our sales team with better information about each prospect. We were also able to identify prospects who had a higher probability of conversion. On an average, such prospects converted to customers in a minimum of 3-4 days.

It has improved our sales efficiency:

Before LeadSquared we did not have the data and information we needed to sell ourselves better to our customers. Maybe we could have gotten the data by using an excel sheet. But that could have taken up a lot of our time and we would not have been as efficient. So we can now safely say that our sales efficiency has improved 4x times thanks to LeadSquared.

It has made performance tracking easier:

We have a tele-calling team, and it very difficult to monitor the calls that they make. Post our integration with LeadSquared, we can easily track their activities. The team includes notes, and call statuses along with the calls they make. So just by applying the appropriate filters, we know who has made how many calls, and the statuses of each of their calls.

Sales Efficiency - GauravI would highly recommend LeadSquared to any business user, as it is a very user-friendly and cost effective solution compared to other companies. And the support is very active and help resolve any queries I may have. I am able to access any report that I want, as they are all presented in a consolidated place. It is a one stop solution for my business and I see no reason to switch to any other tool.

Gaurav Goel, Director, Research & Ranking

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