Invertree Doubles Conversions for its Clients with Personalized Marketing


Invertree empowers companies to gain market share by markedly improving the performance of their sales team. The agency helps businesses market their services and products. Mahesh Rajamani, founder and CEO of Invertree, talks about the challenges that came by soon after its inception, and how LeadSquared offered the perfect solution to over come them and help their customers grow their business.

Could you tell me a little bit about your business?

Invertree is less than a year old agency. We help out other small and medium-sized businesses to do marketing online.

What sales and marketing activities do you assist your clients with?

As far as the marketing and sales operations of our customers are concerned, we help them with four main areas.

  1. Content Management (Email Marketing, Social Media)
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Website Management and Website Creative
  4. Technology (Interface between social media, content management and internet Marketing)

How were you generating leads for your clients?

We were and still are generating, following up, and engaging with leads for our clients, both online and offline. We have integrated the offline and online mediums. Let me give you an example.

If we are doing something on maternity wear, for one of our customers – just doing internet marketing alone to connect with all the pregnant women and their families will not help. In this case, we have to integrate online and offline mediums. So what we do is, we get leads offline from doctors and ultrasound clinics and then get in touch with these customers. We ask them to come online so we can assist them.

So we actually generate and engage with the leads of our clients in quite a few ways.


  • Content Management (Email Marketing, Social Media)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Management and Website Creative
  • Technology


  • Calls
  • Word of mouth

Did you face any challenges while doing so?

Although we invested in various mediums, we were not able to generate desired results – the main reason being that we were doing cold calls. So at that time, 50% of them turned us down while 50% said yes. So naturally we were facing a lot of rejections. Moreover, we were not aware of who was visiting our customers’ website, who is actually interested in our service and so on.

How did LeadSquared help you overcome this problem?

Personalized MarketingThe cold call part has been eliminated because of LeadSquared and the process has become automated. We don’t have to do the laborious work of calling everybody and getting turned down. We know who opens our mails, who visits our landing pages and who puts in their details and who purchases what. And after the first purchase, we do our calling and our servicing.

LeadSquared has helped us prioritize our leads and follow up on those leads. So now, we plan our tele-calling part, only with customers who are interested in our product.

Have got any other benefits?

a. Manual Efforts Reduced due to Multiple Automated Features:

We have been using LeadSquared for a month and so far it has played an important role in our lead generation, whether it’s online or offline. The automation process of storing and managing leads has reduced our manual efforts significantly.

b. Landing Pages and Landing Page Reports:

LeadSquared give us comprehensive reports about the performance of our landing pages along with lead details. More specifically, our enrollment process has simplified.  We use landing pages for customer enrollment. We send emails to our prospects and ask them to go to the landing page and enroll there.

For example, if we do a particular launch on Women’s Day for one of our clients, we initially send them information about Women’s Day and about garments and other accessories. The link in the mail redirects them to the purchasing page, rather, the selling cart. Thus, both the selling and enrolment is initiated through our mails.

Since you provide marketing assistance to other small businesses, would you recommend LeadSquared to them?

I’d highly recommend LeadSquared to other businesses. With LeadSquared, we have been able to personalize mails and do one on one selling. In this manner, we have been able to influence prospects to come to our website and look at all our products. In totality, it has helped us do a lot of one to one selling through automation.

Personalized Marketing
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