Great Wide Open Adopts an Integrated Lead Management Software to Improve Marketing Operations

Great Wide Open

About Great Wide Open:

Having been described as a “marketplace for adventure tourism and adventure travel”, the Great Wide Open provides a wide range of options for adventure buffs. The travel business provides various kinds of adventure trip options, like trekking and rafting expeditions, kayaking courses, paragliding and other activities part of the adventure travel segment.

The Travel Network acts as a bridge between the local guides and those customers who wish to take part in such expeditions. The company connects customers/travellers, who are keen on doing such kind of adventure trips, to these local operators.



When the company started out, they were able to quickly figure out how to generate leads for a travel and tourism business. Initially the lead generation volume was low and so managing them was rather easy. Gradually the business started picking up, the lead volume increased and it became difficult to manage and follow up on leads.

To overcome the lead management issue, they started using Google documents for storing and managing their leads. However, very quickly they realized that ‘Google docs’ had huge limitations. Keeping it updated all the time was difficult, particularly when they spent a lot of time travelling, and as a result, found it difficult to manually update it on a regular basis.  

          1. Poor response time led to lost revenues:

lead management softwareWith increase in lead volume they were not able to respond to leads quickly and in some cases the leads never got any response leading to lost revenue opportunity. It became difficult for them to manage the increased lead volume and maintain the response time for each lead.

Moreover, there was no coordination between the team members. This was primarily  because in Google Docs, leads can be stored but their activities and statuses cannot  be tracked automatically. Since some of the members of the team were travelling, it became difficult for them to be in sync with each other about recent lead activity.

Eventually, they realized that it was a futile exercise of  sorts, and the need of the hour was to use an integrated lead management software that would allow them to capture leads, manage leads and monitor the lead status and activities automatically, with minimal manual intervention.

       2. Multitude of marketing tools reduced their productivity and introduced unforced errors:

To capture, manage and connect with the leads, three tools were used – one tool for landing pages to capture leads, another to store and manage leads and a third to send newsletters and travel offers to the subscribers and the customers. On top of it, they had to use regular business email accounts to respond to lead inquires. However, that information was not tracked, and was therefore, unavailable for future reference. Usage of multiple tools involved a lot of manual effort on data uploads, cleansing and maintaining accurate lead status. The manual process introduced unforced errors and the entire marketing setup did not provide them any insights on leads. 

Since the travel network had just started, they required time to focus on marketing and establishing their network in the travel industry. As they had so many glitches to take care of and multiple systems to look at, the team hardly had time to focus on marketing the adventure network.


          1. Email Autoresponse reduced the response time:

lead management softwareAdventure buffs who showed interest in any of their tour packages were getting a prompt response from LeadSquared via email containing detailed information of the tour package requested by the lead. Apart from this, lead information was captured in LeadSquared and an email was sent to the marketing team notifying them of the inquiry. The marketing team was not only able to promptly call the leads but could also set follow up tasks and reminders on each lead to ensure timely follow up in future.

With LeadSquared’s integrated lead management software in place, the team was able to efficiently manage over thousand inquiries. It also ensured maintenance of the response time and provided them the ability to follow up with leads in future, if needed.  

          2. Integrated marketing and lead management software to capture, manage and nurture Leads:

In LeadSquared, Great Wide Open found an integrated marketing and lead management software that allowed them to build landing pages with lead capture and auto response facility, email campaigns to connect and nurture leads, and a multi-user system to allow more than one user to track and manage leads.

Leads were now being monitored and managed automatically, giving the team time to focus on finding great deals and offers for their customers. Furthermore, newsletters were sent to adventure buffs regularly, keeping them updated about the latest travel offers, popular trekking destinations and news about the travel network.

The most important win for the business was the ability to track all lead activities – including website activity, email activity and phone interaction at one place. LeadSquared’s lead scoring also allowed them to identify the leads with most potential to buy.

lead management software


  • Improved response time to each inquiry improved the first time experience of the leads and eliminated revenue loss.
  • Having email campaigns, lead capture and lead management at one place improved the marketing team’s productivity by 50% and eliminated unforced errors.
  • Ability to track the website visit of leads enabled them to closely follow up on what was of most interest to the leads.
  • Lead scoring helped them in prioritizing their efforts on the leads which were most likely to buy.

“LeadSquared has saved us a lot of time in responding to the leads that were generated. It has also improved the experience that leads and customers have with our business. If you are looking for an integrated marketing and lead management software for your marketing operations, I recommend you consider using LeadSquared for your business.”

-Ashish Dhar, Founder & Director at Great Wide Open

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