How an Education Company streamlined its Lead Generation using LeadSquared

Generating education leads through multiple mediums and then managing them all can be tough, especially if you’re not equipped with the right tools. Let’s take the example of Exponent Education, who used LeadSquared to bridge the gaps in their lead generation and lead management processes.

About Exponent Education

Exponent Education provides innovative video learning solutions to the students preparing for engineering entrance exams, and secondary school exams. It aims at changing the focus of students from rote learning to fundamental concept based learning, by delivering lectures in an interesting and interactive form.

Even if you are backed with a great product, and a good demand for it, sometimes marketing is what weighs you down. Exponent’s problem was a perfect example of this.

Here are the challenges they were faced with.

Marketing Challenges

  1. Exponent wished to maximize the ROI from their Adwords spend, which was their primary lead generation source. They were investing a lot there, but did not get desired results. (This is a common problem faced in lead generation for education companies.)
  2. The leads were stored across multiple systems, and there was no master database. Gathering them from multiple systems for storage was difficult and time-consuming.
  3. Higher response time per lead, thus often slipped opportunities (because of lead prioritization issues).
  4. The team had to export leads from the CRM, and then import them for marketing purposes (like, sending email campaigns). With multiple tools for various marketing activities, the team had a tough time juggling between them.

Challenge A: Optimization of Adwords Spend

1. Lower than expected Conversions: Google Adwords was where Exponent was investing the most.  However, the conversions were lower than aimed. The ads seemed very good at first glance; the Ad Copy was good, and so was the selection of keywords. However, on delving deeper, it was found that the limited number of landing pages was the key issue here.

For instance, they had ‘n’ number of ads running on Google, but only 4 landing pages. This meant that they were compromising on ‘ad + landing page relevance’ at some level.

As you can see in the image below, they had many variations of ads. For instance Physics, Chemistry, Maths etc; however,  there was only one generic Landing Page. As a result, the leads were low, as there was a fall in conversions due to high bounce rate

If someone expecting to find Physics Video Lectures, lands on a page with Chemistry Lectures, he might bounce off without filling the form, right! 

Lead generation for education

The root cause of this problem was hard-coded landing pages. Every time Exponent’s marketing team wanted to create a new landing page or make even the slightest variation on one, they had to run for technical support. As a result, testing and eliminating non-performing landing pages was a toughie.


Landing Pages without coding – Initially, creating landing pages was a daunting task. Making small changes in hard-coded landing pages might sound easy to someone who knows HTML coding but for small businesses, which have to rely on their marketers to do the job, it isn’t that simple. With LeadSquared, the marketing team did not need the support of the tech team anymore. Therefore creating landing pages and A/B testing different variations was easier and this allowed for better lead generation.

The image below clearly shows that relevant landing pages for relevant adds increased the number of leads. 

Exponent Education

Result: Increased Conversions meant lower Cost of Conversions and successful lead generation for education.

Challenge B: Leads were being stored in multiple systems; lack of a central database created lead management problems

Lack of a proper lead management system led to several problems. This is often a problem in lead generation for education companies. Following was Exponent’s Lead Capture and Storage process:

1) Leads coming in through PPC Campaigns (Google Adwords) went into the CRM
2) Leads coming in through Inbound Calls (which happened a lot) were stored in excel sheets.
3) Leads coming in through website form fills went to an Email ID.

Imagine the wastage of time and resources in managing so many databases!

The image below describes the situation Exponent was in, at the time. Leads coming in from different places were being stored in multiple places. Scattered leads across multiple systems created confusion, thereby increasing the marketing team’s effort!

Lead generation for education Problem 2


Exponent were now using LeadSquared, therefore this is how the problem was solved.

1) PPC Campaigns: The landing pages were now LeadSquared’s, therefore the leads directly came into LeadSquared.
2) Inbound Calls: The sales team could record the details into LeadSquared directly, therefore that problem was solved too.
3) Exponent’s website forms were replaced with LeadSquared’s forms, therefore, these leads came into LeadSquared directly too.

Lead generation for education solution 2

Results: There was one master database now, in LeadSquared. 


Challenge C: Higher response time per lead

Initially, with a small sales team, the response time for each lead was high for Exponent Education. This was mainly because of two issues:

1. Lead Consolidation and Prioritization Issue: The lead volume was good enough (from PPC campaigns, Social Media, Inbound calls, blogs etc.), but the sales team could not identify the ones that needed urgent attention, without actually talking to them. This led to a high response time for important leads.

2. Manual measures to ensure Database Sanity: To prevent fake leads from corrupting the database, Exponent did not allow auto-approval of leads into the CRM system. Therefore, approving the leads was another manual task that took up a lot of time.


This is how the problem was solved:

1) LeadSquared’s Lead Scoring came to the rescue: Through LeadSquared, the key actions taken by the lead can be scored. For example,

a) Downloading of test papers is a positive action, and can be assigned +5 ,
b) Unsubscribing from an email is a negative action, and can be given -100

As indicated in the image below, lead scoring helped the sales team identify the hot leads, warm leads and cold leads, and therefore prioritize their efforts. The sales team could also add custom notes to the leads after making the calls.

Lead generation for education solution 3

2) Auto-responders helped identify/eliminate junk leads: With LeadSquared, the manual task of approving the leads was eliminated. The junk leads were identified through the automated emails triggered after the form fill, because if the email ID was wrong, the email bounced. Therefore, the database sanity was maintained without any manual effort.

Result: Reduced response time and increased conversions led to successful lead generation.

Challenge D: Marketing Campaign management nightmare

1. Exponent was wasting a lot of time juggling between different marketing systems for:

a) Lead Capture
b) CRM
c) Email Marketing

Pain Point: Exponent had a lead nurturing process in place, and they followed it religiously. The email was sent twice a week. The problem was that the leads from all the different places had to be imported to the Email Marketing system every time before the campaign.

This system had two problems:

a) The process was tedious and time consuming

b) The probability of human error was high. More often than not, some of the leads were missed during the transfer.

As you can see  in the image below, leads had to be imported from different places, which was time consuming, and then listed for email marketing campaigns. It was a marketing campaign management nightmare!

Lead generation for education


LeadSquared helped Exponent get rid of this nightmare by:

1) Allowing them to maintain a master database 

2) Providing them Email Marketing feature within the main Lead Management system – Because of LeadSquared’s Email Marketing feature, the process of sending the emails now became seamless. Not just this, LeadSquared allowed Exponent a rich analysis of the email campaigns, to find out which email campaigns were working, and which weren’t.

Marketing campaigns now became a lot simpler since all the leads were stored in once place and hence, it was less time consuming.  

Lead generation for education

This is how Exponent’s Lead Generation and Management Processes were made seamless using LeadSquared. Such a system might solve the common problems of managing lead generation for education companies.

Lead generation for education

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