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Seven_Serviced_Apartments_LogoLocated in the business capital of India, Seven Serviced Apartments is a chain of
exclusive service apartments and executive homes in Mumbai. It offers fully furnished accommodation with luxury amenities to corporate and leisure travellers at very affordable rates.

The Apartments are located in premium areas in Mumbai, such as Worli and Bandra which are surrounded with business hubs, shopping malls, restaurants and hospitals. It is ideal for working professionals looking to reside in Mumbai for a short duration. 

About the Marketing Activities of the Business:

Seven Serviced Apartments is in the business of Hospitality Services, Hotels, Guesthouses and Service Apartments. A few members handle the marketing and sales activities of the company. Leads are generated from the website and a few third-party sources like Just Dial. The real estate company also has an SEO person who manages their website and helps them generate webleads. Prior to using LeadSquared, they were manually storing lead details in excel sheets, having no advanced mechanism to ease the tiresome process.


What went wrong?

“We wanted a specific tool to bring all our lead from various sources under one roof,” explains Anand Surjekar, CEO of Seven Serviced Apartments. Leads were coming in from Just Dial, their website, and through phone calls. However, due to multiple lead generation sources, missed opportunities were high.

What was needed?

“A tool that can collate all leads from all the sources and help us bring in efficiencies so that every lead is attended to,” explained Mr Surjekar. Leads were coming in from multiple sources and were being captured manually in excel sheets. This resulted in high chances of overlooking important opportunities.

How did LeadSquared help?

LeadSquared automated the process; the landing pages captured lead details instantly. With the marketing and lead generation software in place, none of the leads fall through the crack.

  1. Website leads are now in LeadSquared
  2. Phone leads are automatically captured due to Super Receptionist integration
  3. Just dial integration helps them get those leads in the system

This enabled the marketing and sales team to attend to every lead, engage and nurture them, thus eliminating missed opportunities.

Manage Leads

Anand Surjekar

The entire software is pretty effective. Now, I have all the leads under one roof and I can attend to each and every one of them seamlessly. 

– Anand Surjekar, CEO of Seven Serviced Apartments

Manage Leads

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