Nalashaa Simplifies Marketing Activities with Email Campaigns that Work

email campaigns that work

Nalashaa is an outsourced product engineering company focused on helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to help them build and deliver high quality software products and solutions. Nalashaa provides software engineering services to ISVs, SaaS providers, technology and internet companies. The team at Nalashaa is primarily focused on building software products using Microsoft, Open Source and Java technologies and has delivered products on multiple platforms including Web 2.0, SaaS, Cloud and Client server based solutions.

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Having only used email marketing from the its inception, Sunil Jayaprakash, Manager of Business Development at Nalashaa, talks to us how LeadSquared has simplified their lead generation process with email campaigns that work.

1. What kind of business are you into?

We are a software product engineering company. Our customers are ISVs and we assist them in product development, software product testing and consulting. We have a team of around 100 engineers working in the US and around 80 engineers working from our Bangalore office.

 2. How many people do you have in your marketing team?

We have 5 people in our lead generation team comprising of tele-prospecting executives, email campaign specialists and market research executives.

 3. What kind of marketing activities do you use for lead generation?

Targeted email marketing campaigns combined with focused tele-prospecting is our primary marketing activitiy for lead generation. Our market research team identifies relevant companies and contacts from sources like LinkedIn and other B2B sites. These contacts are then connected using targeted email campaigns and tele-prospecting. We have also started inbound marketing – we write blogs, do social media and content marketing, and plan to start with PPC campaigns like Google Adwords, to generate inbound leads.

 4. What tool were you using for marketing and lead generation earlier?

We tried a few leading tools, but most of them were complex, difficult to use and were not worth the money.

email campaigns that work

5. And what made you switch to LeadSquared?

LeadSquared offers a complete solution to manage our marketing activities. It has tools to convert inbound visitors to leads; impressive features of email campaigns that work well for us; along with lead scoring and lead tracking to help us identify leads which are interested in learning about our service offerings. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook which is a big plus for us.

 6. How has the software helped?

LeadSquared has helped us capture and engage all our leads. We are able to launch our campaigns very easily and our tele-prospecting team gets valuable insights on prospects who are interested in our service offerings. Using LeadSquared we are able to consistently generate leads which is a significant improvement from where we were before using LeadSquared.

7. So for how long have you been using the software?

We have been using it for the past 8 months.

 8. Has LeadSquared benefited your business in any other way?

LeadSquared’s tracking and scoring part is awesome and we just love it. Now we immediately know who has opened and clicked our emails or has visited our website or filled any of our contact forms. Based on tracking and scoring, our tele-prospecting and sales team prioritize and focus on the leads which are most engaged and relevant.

email campaigns that work

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