Optimized Landing Pages Boost Conversions for Zorba the Buddha

optimized landing pages

About Zorba the Buddha

Zorba the Buddha is an ‘eco-lifestyle village’ that offers unique residential retreats and workshops for spiritual growth, self-exploration and creative celebration. The healing center conducts various workshops that range from wellness to therapy to self-healing. Located amidst tranquil gardens and exotic flora and fauna, the three acre village property has much to offer, including healing classes and various spiritual events.

optimized landing pages

The Challenge:

Facebook Advertising is Zorba’s key channel for lead generation. Initially, visitors who clicked on the ads were redirected to the company’s website. There was no form for lead capture on the website and it was up to the visitor to call them up, or send an email to register, or learn more about various events.


Thus, given the investment on ads, the number of leads generated were less and cost per lead was high. They could not ascertain how many visitors came to the website and of which how many actually called up to inquire about workshops and retreats.

Without this information it was not possible for them to quantify the return on investments on their Facebook Ads. Subsequently, they realized the need for a marketing software to not only collect the details of interested visitors, but also to help them analyze how their campaigns were performing. This would help them calculate and optimize the budgets for their ad campaigns.

The Solution:

After evaluating a few tools, Zorba decided to try LeadSquared. With the integrated marketing and lead generation software in place, visitors from Facebook ads were now redirected to specific landing pages for different workshops instead of the website. As described in the image below, it now became easier for visitors to place a query because of the inquiry forms –

optimized landing pages

With landing pages in place, now the ball wasn’t completely in the visitors’ court. The team at Zorba could connect with the interested leads and capture important details such as the visitor’s name, email id, and number. LeadSquared’s huge collection of landing page templates allowed the team at Zorba to pick and create landing pages with ease. 

Landing Page reports also gave them information about the performance of their landing pages, thus helping them analyze if they were optimally utilizing their marketing budgets. Additionally, the group would immediately be informed about the website pages visited, and amount of time spent on the page by a specific lead, and much more. This helped Zorba identify the top workshops on offer and list high potential customers.

optimized landing pages


  • There was a significant rise in visitor to lead conversions from the website.
  • Significant reduction in cost per lead on Facebook ad campaigns by using standalone conversion optimized landing pages to convert social visitors to leads.
  • Landing Page reports gave information about the number of people interested in the workshops and retreats offered by Zorba. Information about the number of people viewing Zorba’s website pages was also available to the team, allowing them to determine which events and retreats were more popular among the visitors.

“We have been using LeadSquared for 5-6 months. The visitor to lead conversion has increased by a significant margin. We will continue to use LeadSquared as it pays for itself.”

Ravi Inder Singh, Facilities & Partner Development at Zorba the Buddha

optimized landing pages

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