Property Loan Guru Organizes Marketing and Lead Generation using LeadSquared

marketing and lead generation

Property Loan Guru (PLG) Consultant Private Limited is a multi-dimensional Real Estate Finance Company. They offer a variety of services like providing home loans, loan against property, balance transfer, project approval, and project and capital funding.


Marketing via online channels like Google Adwords is a key source of lead generation for their business. Most of the leads were lying around in several systems and it was painful to analyze the performance of various lead generation sources. They wanted a solution which would enable them to capture all their leads, with the ability to analyze the performance of various lead generation sources. Varun Sharma, DGM at PLG Consultant Pvt Ltd tells us about the initiatives they took to organize their marketing and lead generation activities.

1. What is PLG Consultant Pvt Ltd about?

PLG Consultant Pvt Ltd is an online mortgage advising company. The company offers multiple buying options to our customers and are partners of SBI, HDFC and all other major banks.


2. How old is your business?

The company is about 5 years old.

3. How many members are there in your marketing team?

We have a small marketing team consisting of six people.

4. How do you generate leads?

Our main lead generation platform is digital. We use

  • Email campaigns
  • PPC Campaigns like Google ads, and
  • Display banners

5. What challenges did you face before you switched to LeadSquared?

We were investing a lot in marketing and lead generation. However, our leads were scattered across multiple systems and it was difficult for us to determine how our campaigns were doing and what were the best lead sources. We depended a lot on agencies for making even minor tweaks in our campaigns. For example: The visitors from various PPC and email campaigns were directed to the landing pages built by our agency. However, as our landing pages were hard coded, we had little flexibility to modify or change anything. Any visit to our landing page is a cost to the business. Hence, we wanted to analyze the performance of landing pages but we had nothing of that sort available earlier.

With LeadSquared we can not only design landing pages quickly using their several dozen templates but also analyze the page performance and the performance of various lead sources. In case of Google Adwords, we can now nail down the lead by keyword. Moreover, now we know which lead generation sources are working best for us and where to allocate the marketing budget, and thus, organize our marketing and lead generation activities. 

marketing and lead generation

6. How did LeadSquared help you overcome this problem?  

Once we implemented LeadSquared in our lead generation process, we were able to create landing pages on our own without having to hire local vendors to do that for us. We connected LeadSquared’s landing pages to our different marketing campaigns. So for example, whether it’s through email campaigns or Google ads, whatever queries we get through these platforms are all available in LeadSquared’s landing page reports. It has enabled us to find out metrics like the amount of traffic generated through a particular campaign (by looking at the number of visits on a particular landing page). The information about the visitors that converted to leads, i.e. who filled the forms is also available right there. Therefore, we know how a particular campaign is performing.

Phone integration came as a real positive surprise. Now we get all our inbound phone calls as leads automatically in LeadSquared. All the queries we get from different lead generation sources, are also available in one place along with complete marketing analytics.

7. Have you found any other specific features of LeadSquared particularly useful?

There are two specific features we just love.

  1. Ability to identify lead source location:

One of the most useful features of LeadSquared for us is the ability to identify the geographical location of a lead.

Since we are catering only to the Delhi NCR region right now, through this medium we are able to judge the performance of our different campaigns, as in, whether a geographically relevant lead came from PPC Google Ads or email campaigns. Now we can verify from which campaign we generated the most number of leads, and how many were from the Delhi NCR region and how many were from outside this region. This information is important for our business. Through LeadSquared, we have been able to improve our ROI and optimize PPC and email campaigns. It has helped us organize our marketing and lead generation process.

      ii.  Integration with Super Receptionist: 

We did not expect it to get the cloud telephony integration with Super Receptionist which came as a positive surprise. In our business we get telephonic inquiries as well. With Super Receptionist integration, all our inbound calls are automatically getting into LeadSquared’s system. So now my team doesn’t have to switch to different panels – from Super Receptionist and then LeadSquared. I have everything in one place.

marketing and lead generation

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