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About Search Value

Incorporated in 2007, Search Value, a marketing agency assists businesses with their digital marketing initiatives. It specializes in designing, implementing and managing digital marketing initiatives of its clients like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketingSome of their digital marketing operations include Media Consulting, Web Design, and Web Development, among other things.




At any point, Search Value’s marketing team was managing several dozen Adwords lead generation campaigns for their clients. To ensure that the campaigns got the highest quality leads at the lowest possible cost, they spent a significant time to understand the client’s marketing offer, create beautiful landing pages, and setup Adwords campaign to bring relevant traffic. They also spent a lot of time tracking the leads generated from various campaigns in excel, uploading the leads to an email campaign tool, designing newsletters and sending newsletters to the leads on behalf of the customers. They were looking for ways to:

  • Reduce the amount of time which went into conveying the campaign ideas from the marketing team to the designers for creating landing pages.
  • Automate the lead capture process, have the ability to design and send newsletters to the captured leads and provide additional analytics on leads to their clients.


1. Creating landing pages for campaigns was time-consuming

improve adwords campaign

Landing page creation for each Adwords campaign was a time- consuming process. It required several steps from understanding client’s marketing offer, to conceptualizing the concept, getting the concept designed into a landing page by the design team, getting customer’s approval on the design, converting the design to HTML and finally uploading the HTML page to the server. This process required the team members to go back and forth, in order to keep track of the proceedings.

Thus, it was very time-consuming to test even simple variations of landing pages to improve the campaign performance.


2. Existing email marketing tool provided limited analytics

improve adwords campaign

Search Value was successfully carrying out different marketing outreach programs, including email newsletter campaigns for their clients. The email marketing tool being used was good for sending newsletters but provided limited analytics on lead engagement.

Furthermore, it was not integrated with their landing pages and a lot of manual effort was spent each time to upload the leads, thus making it prone to errors.

The team realized that they needed a solution that had landing pages, email marketing, marketing automation and lead analytics, all combined into one.




1. LeadSquared simplified the Adwords campaigns’ setup

improve adwords campaign

With LeadSquared, the process of designing and deploying conversion optimized landing pages became very easy. With dozens of industry specific landing page templates to choose from, the project managers could conceptualize and design landing pages with minimal help from the designers. Creating and testing different variations of landing pages got easier and there was no hassle to upload the pages to the server.

Landing page reports provided information on the performance of the landing pages which was not available to them earlier. They were able to identify the landing page variations that were working well, and the ones that needed to change. Thus, as the setup was simplified, and, they were able to improve their campaigns continually.


2. Improved engagement with email campaigns & automation

improve adwords campaignAll the leads generated from various Adwords, LinkedIn, and other campaigns were now captured in LeadSquared. Creating and executing email newsletters and lead nurturing campaigns was easy.

Another major thing that their previous email tool lacked were sophisticated trigger-based email automation, and that problem was solved by LeadSquared as well.

Lead tracking and lead scoring helped the Search Value team identify the leads which were engaged. Positive engagement such as ‘clicks’, ‘downloads’, resulted in a higher score while negative engagement like ‘unsubscribes’ resulted in a negative score. This feature clearly distinguished those leads who were interested from those who were not.

With LeadSquared in place, Search Value was able to offer value to its clients beyond just lead generation and email marketing. The clients not only got expertise in running Adwords campaigns and engagement campaigns but also got advanced analytics on lead engagement and ability to find leads which were most likely to buy.



  • Setup and management time of Adwords campaigns was cut down by 50%
  • With LeadSquared, they were now able to offer additional lead analytics to their customers and easily differentiate their service offerings from other agencies.
  • Customers had access to lead activity history, which helped them prioritize efforts.

“With LeadSquared, we can now easily manage our ongoing PPC Adwords and other marketing campaigns, and still have enough time with us to accommodate new businesses. The lead analytics and insights which we are able to offer to our clients differentiate us from the crowd.

-CEO, Search Value

improve adwords campaign

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