Targeted Landing Pages Boost Conversions for IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool is a an initiative of IMS Learning Resources. The Pune-based academic institution, offers financial courses and training classes in CFP, CFA, NSE – financial modeling, CIMA for investment and other finance and accounts related courses

Targeted Landing Pages

The institution uses multiple channels to generate education leads, with a primary focus on Google ads and Facebook ads. The traffic generated from these campaigns were redirected to the main website, leading to low conversions. This meant that students clicking on specific ads for courses were not redirected to that offer, rather, they were sent to the home page of the website, thus resulting in low conversions.

Landing pages targeting young professionals and students for specific courses was the need of the hour. That is when the Product Manager at IMS Learning Resources decided to lookout for a software that could do just that. Having come across LeadSquared on Facebook, Ankush Bhandhari tells us how they boosted conversions with the integrated marketing and lead generation software.

What kind of business are you into?

IMS Proschool is an education business. Proschool is an IMS initiative and specifically caters to graduates and professionals, providing training programs in finance and accounts.

How old is the business?

Proschool has existed since 2006. Our parent organization, IMS has been around for nearly 35 years.

How do you generate leads?

60% is through online activities. This includes organic and paid.  Most of our leads are generated through our website. More specifically, we use

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Email campaigns

Before LeadSquared, how were you capturing lead details?

Traffic generated from our ads and campaigns were redirected to the main website. For the purpose of capturing lead details, we embedded several forms on our website. At the time we did not use landing pages and thus, lost out on important conversions.

What challenges did you encounter?

We got a lot of traffic through Google adwords marketing and Facebook ads. Since our visitors were being redirected to our website, those who specifically clicked on a particular course did not land on a page relevant to them. What we needed was customization based on specific course offers and details. Unfortunately, customization on such a scale was not possible on the website on a daily basis.

Let me explain this with an example. If students are searching for a particular course, the page they land on should be relevant. However, if they land on a main website page, they may not find what they are looking for and leave. In other words, if I have a particular punchline, my landing page should also have that particular punch line. If my campaign name is ‘Get Best of MBA in One Program’, and if a  student lands on that page, he should be led to this comment only. Hence, without landing pages, it became difficult and this led to increased lead cost and sub-optimal conversion.

Targeted Landing PagesHow did you come across LeadSquared?

We came across LeadSquared through Facebook. We evaluated the software and realized that it fit our business needs perfectly.

How did LeadSquared marketing software help your business?

It helped us tremendously as far as targeted advertising is concerned. We have created over 30 landing pages and are really happy with the templates. Our conversions increased by 50%! Redirection to relevant landing pages was the key and that helped in conversions. With landing pages such as these, marketing was a breeze.

Targeted Landing Pages

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