Technopundits Improves Visitor to Lead Conversion using LeadSquared

Technopundits Business Solutions LLP is a Chennai, India based training and consulting firm. The company delivers reliable, effective and flexible training programs to Engineering Students and Software Professionals at well-equipped training facilities.

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The firm was generating  leads digitally through multiple channels, particularly through Google Ads. As the lead volume grew, they had a difficult time following up on their leads and prioritizing their efforts. Technopundits realized that they needed an intelligent mechanism that would help them track, and improve their visitor to lead conversion rate. That is when the company decided to evaluate a few tools that could help them overcome this problem. Thomas, from Technopundits Business Solutions tells us how LeadSquared provided a solution to their problems.


What is your business about?

We are an education company, specializing in providing training to Engineering Students and Software professionals. For Engineering Students, we conduct training on career-oriented courses such as Embedded systems, Information Security, CCNA, Robotics, etc. For Software Professionals, it’s all related to Project Management.

How old is the company?

The company is nearly 3 years old.

Could you give me a brief insight about the management of the company?

We are a very small company. There are three of us involved directly in the day to day operations. There are several IT consultants who work part time with us and provide their inputs and manage the delivery for our training programs. I pretty much handle the marketing and sales operations of our organization.

How do you generate leads?

  • Referral Sites: We place ads in sites like Sulekha. Most of our leads come from here.
  • Google Ads 
  • Organic Search: We also get leads from our website through organic search
  • Student References 

Since Google ads are very important for your business, where do these visitors go after they have clicked on your ads?  

Earlier, our leads were redirected to our websites once they clicked on the ads. Now, those leads who have already inquired with us, for enrollment or other such formalities, are directed to LeadSquared’s landing pages. We also use landing pages to capture details of leads who are interested in our Training programs. Since there are different programs that we manage, a particular student who is looking for a particular program reaches the landing page which gives him information about just that program. Earlier students used to reach our home page and then search for information which turned out to be counter productive. Leadsquared’s landing pages  helps us give our prospective student exactly that information that he was looking for, thereby improving our conversions.

Before LeadSquared, were you using landing pages?

Before LeadSquared, we weren’t very well aware of what landing pages were all about. So as such, the leads who clicked on our ads were redirected to our website. Lead details were captured on a generic Contact Form.

What challenges did you encounter? 

We did not have a specific mechanism to monitor the leads that were coming in. We used Excel Sheets and Zoho for storing lead details. We wanted a system that was much more intelligent in terms of helping us prioritize our leads. In a nutshell, we were on a lookout for an alternative that would give us more information in terms of when we need to follow up with our leads, etc., and ease the manual effort that we put in.

What made you pick LeadSquared?

Visitor to Lead ConversionWhen we were going through the demo of LeadSquared, we saw a couple of features like landing pages, comprehensive lead activity analytics, schedule a leads followup and so on, which appealed to us. The option of setting up notifications and reminders was what really got us interested in LeadSquared.

How did LeadSquared help you address those problems?

The main problem of not being able to monitor our leads and prioritizing them was resolved. 

  • The alerts and reminders keep us on track and remind us to follow up on leads.
  • We are able to prioritize our efforts with LeadSquared’s scoring feature.
  • We can track our leads and their activity on our site automatically.

After using it for a month and a half, I can say that I’m happy with it. The landing pages have helped us improve our visitor to lead conversion rate.

Visitor to Lead Conversion

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