What Elite Developers Can Teach Us About Real Estate Marketing

Logo only Final - Dark Grey copy PNGBased in Kerala, Elite Developers is a real estate company, focused on development of residential, commercial and plotted real estate. The construction pedigree of Elite Developers dates back four decades with the inception of Vijaya Constructions in Kerala. Elite Developers are a household name among real estate agents in Thrissur because of landmark projects like the Puzhakkal bridge, Bini Tourist Home, Sea wall construction at Chavakad, Chamakkala & Vadanappaly, Sree Narayana College at Nattika, and the old Income Tax building at Padinjare Kotta. 

Marketing Manager, Binu Vadasseri talks about how visitor tracking was a mechanism they were specifically looking for, to take better and more informed marketing decisions. LeadSquared helped Elite track their prospects and customers at every point, thereby allowing them to prioritize efforts and boost engagement in the sales funnel.


What is your business about?

We are a real estate company. We acquire land, outright or on a joint venture. Then we plot the land with the help of the architect’s design. Of course, the architect is subject to see the land and then design a project for us. This happens in the initial stages. Thereafter, we give specifications for the project, like what are the materials to be used, etc.

However, before that, once the plan is ready, it is subject to civic approvals from the Municipal or the Panchayat body. During this period, we go for soft launch and that is the time when we market the product.

What media do you use to market the product?

We put up ads in the newspaper or for a minute on the website. That’s our mode for getting inquiries.

How do you generate leads?

There is a website. Apart from that we use print media and hoardings. Once we automated the process with LeadSquared, we started sending email campaigns as well.


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Were you using any tool before switching to LeadSquared?

We were not using any tools. We were just storing lead details in excel sheets.

Did you face any specific problems at that time?

We didn’t face any specific problems because at that time we had limited number of villas. The project was very small. Of course, the development was huge but the project was small, just consisting of 10 villas and the project cost was also very high. Therefore, inquiries were also limited.

LeadSquaredWhat were your reasons for picking LeadSquared and how has it helped?

We wanted to streamline our marketing and our marketing strategies. While evaluating the software, we were particularly interested in the landing pages and email campaigns.

We have been using LeadSquared for the past 6 months. We capture lead details using landing pages and keep them engaged with regular emails.

Any specific features that impressed you?

We can send bulk emails. That is particularly useful to us since we can address individual needs. The other interesting aspect is that we can now track our leads. Thus, we know which leads need more nurturing and which are most likely to buy, depending on the engagement. LeadSquared has definitely helped us in that aspect.

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