What is CRM and why it is important for small businesses.

My brother owns a small photography equipment business with thirty employees in Northern India. When he realized that I work in some company related to marketing and sales (leadsquared) he approached me asking if i could help him. He said i has 7 salespeople, 1 person who handles online marketing and website and rest were in manufacturing. Like everybody else, he wanted…

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5 Proven Hacks for Quality Lead Generation Through Linkedin

Are you looking to get more sales for your products? You should be, and quality leads are the key. But, you may have overlooked generating qualified leads through LinkedIn. This social platform is packed full of qualified leads no matter what niche or business you engage in. LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation and according to HubSpot, the…

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Prospecting Tips: Convert Cold Leads to Warm Prospects

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  One of my colleagues constantly receives those no-value, clueless “just checking-in” kind of messages from a random salesperson he doesn’t even know. Naturally, he never answers them. Instead, he sends them over to our sales team and we discuss the approach was not good. Do you know what conclusions we always come to? Nobody is willing to waste their…

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B2B Digital Marketing in 2018: Best Practices You Should Know

The rapid evolution of the digital world has changed the way B2B marketers think and how they create and launch marketing activities. Marketers have learned to lean more heavily on technological tools. B2B digital marketing has started implementing traditional ‘B2C tactics. This is because they are often easier to measure, more straightforward, and are designed to provoke emotional responses. For…

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[Announcement] LeadSquared Ranked 5th Fastest Growing Technology Company in India

Ranked no 5 fastest growing tech company

We attribute our 523 Percent Revenue Growth to consistently meeting the need for a marketing and sales execution platform across various industry verticals On Wednesday Nov 6th, 2017, The Deloitte Technology Fast50 India 2017 awards, organized by Deloitte recognized us, LeadSquared, as the 5th fastest growing technology firm in India. The rankings of 50 fast growing technology companies are awarded based…

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Will inbound sales help sell more?

  This is a short and simple tale On the impact of inbound sales Sales girl Jane went door to door Selling her ice creams, few or more Cajoling, pleading and dare I say, bullying? She leaves each house only after trying Every day she will walk the streets To sell her pack of 50 treats.   Salesman Sam was…

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Will they choose you?

  Jill had three friends Tom, Bob and Sue Tom’s letters were far too few   And Bob made promises that weren’t true     But with Sue, her relationship grew For, she was different from the other two       Successful businesses are like Sue Who build relationships well and true   Connecting and nurturing, not voodoo Will…

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Marketing Vs Sales – The Blame Game

Marketing Vs Sales

  All meetings are exactly the same, where 2 teams play the blame game. Marketing and Sales openly fight ‘cuz the lead did not convert right.     “100 leads are in the system today, yet none were contacted till yesterday! We at Marketing do well our jobs, if only you sales folks weren’t such slobs.”   “None of the…

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Using Inbound Marketing Strategy to Improve Sales And ROI

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  If your sales rate is not what you would like it to be, you are probably wondering what steps you should take so that you can boost your sales and profitability to new heights. You can try a range of methods when you want to get the most from your business, but a good inbound marketing strategy stands out…

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