How Targeted Email Marketing Gave Us a 48% Increase in Results

Targeted email marketing

Shibani is in a fix. She sends out dozens of emails about webinars regularly. But, because her audience are so used to getting mails from her, they don’t click on them anymore! That is, her click through rate (CTR) was decreasing! The last time she sent out an email regarding webinar registration, she noticed that the CTR had dropped by…

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16 Simple Ways Marketers Can Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016 – Webinar Recording & FAQ (Part I)

Last week’s session on ’16 Simple Ways Marketers Can Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016′ was one of the most successful webinar sessions we have ever had. Guest speaker Prateek Shah, Founder of Digital Defynd shared his expertise on digital marketing and addressed several questions asked during the session. However, there were so many that we had to write two…

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6 Newsletter Marketing Tips – The best way to engage customers

newsletter marketing

Newsletter Marketing, may be old-school in the age of social media marketing but it is still one of the most dependable marketing tools available. It is very cost effective and most importantly, reliable. In this post we will discuss 6 newsletter marketing tips. Alternatively, if you want more information on newsletter marketing tips, check out the webinar on ‘Newsletter Marketing…

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