10x Your Growth in 2018 with Growth Hacking

In the world so wide, we are all intertwined by various networks. To take advantage of these networks you may not need a good tool but a clever hack. Rishabh a serial entrepreneur talks about growth hacking strategies used by top growth hackers at Mapplinks to leverage digital channels for rapid growth. If you are interested in smart tactics to…

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Using Inbound Marketing Strategy to Improve Sales And ROI

inbound marketing strategy - cover

  If your sales rate is not what you would like it to be, you are probably wondering what steps you should take so that you can boost your sales and profitability to new heights. You can try a range of methods when you want to get the most from your business, but a good inbound marketing strategy stands out…

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How to Use Instagram for Business to Generate More Leads

Use Instagram for Business

For an online business, your mailing list is your most prized asset. Though building one may look easy, when you start to actually do it, it can get challenging. Even reaching a small number of 5,000 targeted email subscribers may seem like a distant dream. Which is why marketers look for all possible ways to grow their email list. One…

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8 Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies [Webinar Recording and FAQ]

B2b Lead Generation strategies - Cover

B2B lead generation is easier said than done. Though there has been much talk on the subject, streamlining the process still proves a challenge for most businesses. At the end of the day, even though you are trying to market to businesses, you are actually talking to individuals who make decisions for the organization. So how do you convert them…

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6000 Year Old Concept Of Lead Generation

6000 years ago, Mesopotamian tribe invented a way to trade goods and services by exchanging tea, spices, food, weapons and even human skulls. This was later termed barter system. Money did not exist then. But even after money was born, barter system didn’t die. You can still see young children exchange Pokemon cards, goods swapping website are on a rise and some…

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9 Easy Fitness Marketing Ideas for Offline Lead Generation

Has anyone ever signed up for a gym membership after receiving an email? Or only after looking at a website? “I will become a member at your spa” said no one ever – after just an online interaction. What does that tell you? Offline interaction plays a vital role in influencing your prospect’s decisions (especially in the health and wellness…

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Online Lead Generation Tips for Successful Wellness Marketing

Wellness marketing for online lead generation

Welcome! Did you just google “How to succeed in wellness marketing” or something along those lines? Good job, you are at the right place. Here, you can find an exhaustive list of lead generation ideas for your health and wellness business. Can’t wait to see it? I understand :). Download the good stuff right away! Get the checklist now! As…

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How to Get Better at Lead Generation in 2016! (Webinar Recording & FAQ)

Lead Generation in 2016

As we say goodbye to 2015, here’s our final webinar blog post for this year. The last session, “How to Get Better at Lead Generation in 2016” was taken by LeadSquared’s Marketing Manager, Meenu Joshi. A number of questions were asked and answered dhttp://digitaldefynd.com/2015/12/16/10-ways-to-generate-more-sales-leads-online-in-2016/uring the session. In case you missed it, here’s a list of all the questions that were…

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Leveraging Webinars for Lead Generation Success (Webinar Recording)

Webinars for Lead Generation

In our last webinar, we talked about what businesses can do to leverage their webinars for lead generation success. Guest panelist Jerry Jose, from BusinessMojos ran the session and talked about the importance of webinars in the marketing process, what role do they play in the marketing funnel, case studies where businesses have benefitted from it, and some webinar marketing best practices….

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