10x Your Growth in 2018 with Growth Hacking

In the world so wide, we are all intertwined by various networks. To take advantage of these networks you may not need a good tool but a clever hack. Rishabh a serial entrepreneur talks about growth hacking strategies used by top growth hackers at Mapplinks to leverage digital channels for rapid growth. If you are interested in smart tactics to…

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How to Drive Conversions from Content

  Bill Gates once said, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on internet”. Clearly content is the king but not just any content. Olga, a product marketing manager at SEMrush talks about how content can help you generate leads and what the essentials of a content should be. If you missed it, you…

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28 Business Tools to Help You Become A Smart Worker

Business Tools

Mankind as a race has always striven to make its life easier. And as we evolved over the years, we invented tools to help us do exactly that. From the wheel to the airplane, our tools have become bigger and more advanced with time. Now, during the digital era, they have simply become intangible. That is instead of physical tools…

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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a smart content marketing strategy is crucial to success in any sales or marketing profession. Sounds like a cliche, doesn’t it? But, it is the truth, and you cannot afford to ignore the plain truth. The most successful marketers use proven strategies that increase an audience’s interest in their product or content. This is why the ads you see online…

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21 Best Stock Image Sites You Can use for Your Content Marketing

Best Stock Image Sites - cover

Images! They are the lifeline of your content. With so much content being produced and consumed each day, our attention spans have shrunk. And images are the only way content creators can even hope to retain interest. With this growing demand for visual content, marketers need access to high quality images. But finding the best stock image sites can be a…

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Travel and Tourism Marketing Tips to Boost your Online Presence

Tourism Marketing

It’s all about the Millennials. Travel and hospitality businesses – go about doing what you are doing, keeping in mind the millennials. They are the money makers. They are the ones you need to keep happy. Keeping up with our industry-specific content, here are four factors that I think can easily be implemented in your tourism marketing process and can…

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How to Align Your Content Marketing Strategy to Your Business Goals

In my 4 years of experience as a marketing consultant, I have helped many startups devise their content marketing strategy. Almost always, the first problem I find is that their content marketing efforts are not aligned with their business goals. I get it! Inbound marketing and content marketing are hot topics and everyone is on the lookout for overnight success. But unfortunately, content marketing doesn’t really work…

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17 Practical Marketing Quotes to Make You a Better Marketer

marketing quotes

Have you had those uncertain moments while marketing, where you are sort of stuck in a rut, and all you need is someone to give you a lift-up? Or maybe the times when you needed authentic advice on what’s the next campaign you should focus on and you get preached at by your seemingly-all-knowing-well-meaning-altruistic (read interfering) neighbor? Well, I’ve been there…

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Growth Hacking 2016 – How to Get Customers for Cheap

Growth hacking

“There is no such thing as Zero- Budget Growth Hacking” announced Ravi Trivedi at our last webinar. The Founder of the SAAS company PushEngage calmly pointed out that every strategy that you come up with will require some resources – be it seed amount to kickstart the campaign or long man-hours to ensure it’s functionality. Which is why, he rather…

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