10x Your Growth in 2018 with Growth Hacking

In the world so wide, we are all intertwined by various networks. To take advantage of these networks you may not need a good tool but a clever hack. Rishabh a serial entrepreneur talks about growth hacking strategies used by top growth hackers at Mapplinks to leverage digital channels for rapid growth. If you are interested in smart tactics to…

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13 Form Design Ideas To Fire Up Your Lead Generation

Form Design Ideas

It wasn’t very long ago that salespeople used pen and paper to note down the sales enquiries, scribbling down the details of prospective buyers. After a while, computers took over and digital notepads replaced paper, which were finally replaced by web forms. To state the obvious, this means that businesses don’t need to note down the information anymore – it’s captured automatically, and organized…

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Key Marketing Metrics You Need to Focus on and Their Importance – Webinar

Key Marketing Metrics- Recording

Marketing involves a lot of ambiguous activities, and hence might just be the most misunderstood function in the business! Do you feel my pain? As marketers, we are always struggling to find metrics beyond the superficial vanity ones (likes, shares and traffic) to show for our efforts. In addition, constant experimentation and monitoring is also needed to continuously improve. So how…

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Designers design; copywriters write. What do Conversion rate optimization experts do? To understand the difference, let’s first understand what conversion and conversion rate means. Conversion happens when a visitor acts on your offer by filling up the form, subscribing to your newsletter, making a purchase or taking any other action which pushes them further in the sales cycle. The offer can be on your website, blog, a…

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How to Get Better at Website Conversion Optimization

In our last webinar, inbound marketing expert, Mandar Marathe talked about the website conversion optimization and 10 ways to improve traffic, leads and revenue for your website. Mandar is the co-founder of BriefKase Digital Communications, a marketing agency, and a full stack digital marketer. A number of interesting questions about website conversion optimization were asked at the webinar. In case you…

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Top 7 Health and Fitness Websites of 2015 That Blew Our Minds

Health and fitness websites

High website conversion rates, especially for health and fitness websites, are not easy pal – it all boils down to the conversion tricks you use!  A good ad and awesome marketing are all well and good, but, ultimately it is up to your website  to seduce the visitor to conversion. It is rather like selling to a customer intent on…

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7 Best Marketing Agency Websites for Design Inspiration

Best website designs for marketing agencies

Having a good website is important for any business; even more so for marketing agencies because if they cannot impress their website visitors (potential buyers), it is highly unlikely that these visitors will trust the agency with their business. This year I reviewed hundreds of landing pages and websites. Surprisingly, despite the continuous emphasis on the importance of good websites, majority of the ones I…

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17 Website Optimization Mistakes You Need to Stop Making [Free E-Book]

Website conversion optimization mistakes to avoid

Are you rethinking your website design in 2016, or are just fed up of low conversion rates despite a recent website optimization exercise? In either case, you might be interested in our latest e-book “17 most common website mistakes.” Download it here! Last month we analyzed around 200 websites for different conversion elements, to find out where the vast majority of businesses…

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