Automation in Action: Building workflows around your business use case

Marketing Automation is indispensable for marketers. But, despite the name, automation can impact sales! How you ask? It aids the entire process by plugging the leaks in the system, aligning sales and marketing in creating a streamlined revenue model. The whole idea of automation is to let it take care of mundane and routine tasks, while people continue to work…

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7 Real Estate Drip Campaigns You Should Be Setting up Right Away

Real Estate Drip Campaign

For a product as unpredictable as real estate, reaching out to the right audience can be tricky. Modern realtors, builders and brokers are utilizing quite a few innovative ways to reach the millennials – videos, snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. McKinsey and company claim that email is 40x more effective than Twitter and Facebook put together. There’s only one problem…

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5 Steps to Run a Highly Effective Email Drip Campaign

Drip-Email Campaigns- Cover

Let’s pick up where we left off, and talk more about Drip Marketing. But this time, more specifically about how you can set up truly effective email drip campaigns. In the last post, we discussed at length about what exactly drip marketing entails and several examples to inspire your own nurturing campaigns. But as Frank Herbert said, So, let’s talk execution….

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