How I Increased Education Landing Page Signups by 400%

Education Landing Page Story

In 2014, I met Tapan Rayguru, who was the director of Sunstone Business School at the time, to talk about the landing pages they were using for their distant MBA courses. I was expecting a beer in the evening, but it turned out to be tea in the morning. It was my first client meeting. I was confident, over confident…

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Why Landing Page Converts More than a Homepage?

My friend Dhiraj and I landed in “Greens Bar and Restaurant” on a Thursday evening at 7 pm. “Greens” is a one of the rare Garden Resto-Bars in Bangalore, very literal to its name. We sat at our usual places. A waiter put the water glasses down and handed us the menu. As Dhiraj scanned through the menu, a flyer…

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Responsive Design – Modern Marketer’s Holy Grail to Conversion Success [Webinar Recording and FAQs]

Our last webinar on “Responsive Design – Modern Marketer’s Holy Grail to Conversion Success” conducted by LeadSquared founder and CEO, Nilesh Patel, and our Design Lead, Rajat Arora discussed the importance of responsive design for modern marketing success. Those of you who missed it, please access the recording here: View the Recording Question 1 Is there a way to verify the email address on…

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Breaking Bad PPC Landing Page Habits That Kill Conversions

There is no use going on about the obvious – landing pages are important. I know that, you know that. But, what beats me is why businesses spending tons of money on ads, and getting landing pages designed, don’t pay attention to whether their PPC landing pages are really getting them conversions or not. To be fair, marketers now do…

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Webinar Recording: Create Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

The webinar on ‘The Habits of Creating Conversion Optimized Landing Pages’ threw light on creating landing pages that convert, using the HABITS framework. A number of interesting questions were asked by the attendees. If you missed it, you can watch the webinar here. View the Recording You could also take a look at the Webinar FAQ here.

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Create Killer WordPress Landing Pages with these 5 Platforms

WordPress Landing Pages

Landing pages are a major component of any inbound marketing strategy. They are remarkably powerful in converting traffic into leads by prompting website visitors to focus on one thing and one things alone…the action that YOU want them to take; a download, blog subscription, buying a product, filling up a lead capture form and a lot more. But then for all these…

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Landing Page Basics – HABITS Framework Webinar Recording and FAQs

Our last webinar on Best Practices of designing conversion optimized Landing Pages  was a great success. It not only saw outstanding participation, but was such a big hit that we had to do an encore of the same. We recently held another webinar and the topic of discussion was “How to Create Conversion Optimized Landing Pages with HABITS framework”. Some brilliant…

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13 Tactics for Compelling Landing Page Copy

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  – Benjamin Franklin, Author & Scientist Your landing page copy can either break or seal your deal…it decides whether a visitor converts into a customer or bounces off your site. Since you have just a few seconds to grab their attention, your landing page copy should not only be enticing,…

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