B2B Digital Marketing in 2018: Best Practices You Should Know

The rapid evolution of the digital world has changed the way B2B marketers think and how they create and launch marketing activities. Marketers have learned to lean more heavily on technological tools. B2B digital marketing has started implementing traditional ‘B2C tactics. This is because they are often easier to measure, more straightforward, and are designed to provoke emotional responses. For…

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Marketing Automation in 2017 – How Much Can We Trust Technology?

Marketing automation in 2017 - technology meets intelligence

As the year draws to a close, there are plenty of speculations about how marketing automation in 2017 will evolve.  AI, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, adaptive tech – the works; Companies invest in sophisticated technology in a desperate battle to understand what the prospect would want and then cater to him seamlessly. I can’t help feel that we are missing a…

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Marketing Automation Tips : How to Make the Most of Your Software!

marketing automation tips

People often imagine once they get themselves a great marketing automation software, it will work like a genie : churning out viral campaigns on command, and bringing home those big fat leads in thousands! This, however, is far from the truth. The truth is that any software will work for you, only as much as you work for it.  To…

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How to build a thriving community – Learn from the Experts (Webinar Recording)

How to build a thriving community

Developing a business community doesn’t come easy. Watch the webinar to find out how you can build a thriving business community that will help generate leads, drive engagement and accelerate sales for your business. In the session, Ravindra MK, co-founder of BHive Workspace, one of the largest coworking spaces in Bangalore and organizer of BHive Startup and Entrepreneur Community, shared his experience…

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

It’s a common misconception that marketing automation can only be used by enterprise companies. Like so many other types of business technology, an expanding market of users and an increase in the number of software vendors has driven the price of this software down and resulted in a more accessible standard for user experience. In short, small businesses can use…

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