Will inbound sales help sell more?

  This is a short and simple tale On the impact of inbound sales Sales girl Jane went door to door Selling her ice creams, few or more Cajoling, pleading and dare I say, bullying? She leaves each house only after trying Every day she will walk the streets To sell her pack of 50 treats.   Salesman Sam was…

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Will they choose you?

  Jill had three friends Tom, Bob and Sue Tom’s letters were far too few   And Bob made promises that weren’t true     But with Sue, her relationship grew For, she was different from the other two       Successful businesses are like Sue Who build relationships well and true   Connecting and nurturing, not voodoo Will…

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Marketing Vs Sales – The Blame Game

Marketing Vs Sales

  All meetings are exactly the same, where 2 teams play the blame game. Marketing and Sales openly fight ‘cuz the lead did not convert right.     “100 leads are in the system today, yet none were contacted till yesterday! We at Marketing do well our jobs, if only you sales folks weren’t such slobs.”   “None of the…

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