How to Improve CTR for Your Paid Campaigns Using These 5 Clever Hacks

How to improve CTR - Cover

(Editor’s Note: We recently discussed a few experiments we did at LeadSquared to increase Adwords CTR. To carry the conversation further, here are a few insights from our guest author Vishal Kataria, the founder of Aryatra discussing how to improve CTR for your PPC campaigns further.) The digital world is no longer what it used to be. Just half a decade ago,…

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8 Simple Hacks to Increase CTR in Google Adwords in 2017

How to increase CTR in Google Adwords

A few months ago, we conducted a webinar on Google Adwords. After the session, questions poured in. Among all the questions about keyword match types, conversion rates and campaign structure, there was one question that kept appearing – how to increase CTR in Google Adwords? It’s a fair question, but before we get to that, there’s one thing we need to understand. Optimizing your…

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Google Adwords Tutorial: A Comprehensive FAQ for PPC Marketers

Google Adwords Tutorial

Last time AdNabu‘s Salil joined us for a Google Adwords tutorial session, he shared quite a few PPC tips that Adwords beginners can use. You can check out the recording here, and the questions asked during the session here. This time around, we wanted him to discuss things that are a little more advanced, and the session was a huge hit. Here are the…

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PPC Advertising for Beginners: All You Need to Know

PPC Advertising

Why is PPC advertising so popular? Getting organic rankings for your business keywords isn’t exactly easy. It takes time and effort. PPC, on the other hand, is one of the easiest and quickest ways to put advertisements in front of targeted audiences searching about something related to your business. If you do it right, that is. Here’s what you need to…

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The Most Entertaining Google Adwords Guide You’ll Ever Read

This is Bob Bob is cool Bob is also the only marketer in a small, fast-growing education company. A one-man army, the unsung superhero, living in the sales-star’s shadows, almost the dark knight. He is always doing things! Finding new lead generation channels, setting up email campaigns, creating the social strategy, running webinars to recruit and educate potential students. But, that wasn’t enough! They…

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Google AdWords for Beginners (Webinar Recording & FAQ)

Google Adwords for Beginners

Phew! That was long. I’m talking about the number of questions that came up at the ‘Google AdWords for Beginners’ webinar session and all the answers we had to write! But I’m glad they did and I hope all those of you who attended it, found value in doing so 🙂 It was the webinar that broke all records and…

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7 Things I Learned the Hard Way about Successful LinkedIn Ads

Remember appearing for exams as a kid? I still break into cold sweats sometimes – recurring nightmares of showing up really late, navigating through endless hallways searching for the exam room. I enter, as everyone is engrossed scribbling sentence after sentence, filling sheet after sheet. I shuffle through the paper trying to find a couple of questions to quickly answer…

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How to Optimize your Google Adwords Campaign for Lead Gen Success (Webinar Recording and FAQ)

How to Optimize your Google Adwords Campaign

In our last webinar, we discussed how to optimize your Google Adwords campaign for lead gen success. The session was followed by an interesting discussion on benefits and best practices for marketers using Google Adwords to generate leads. The attendees had several questions, most of which were answered by Adwords expert and co-founder of AdNabu, Salil Panikkaveettil. In case you…

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Google Remarketing Strategies to Take your Leads Down the Sales Funnel

Google Remarketing Strategies to Take your Leads Down the Sales Funnel Google Remarketing Strategies have proven to be beneficial for many businesses around the globe. Though it has minor implications (as marketers report), better optimization and doozy strategies can make your Remarketing campaigns successfully convert leads into customers. But of course its not a piece of cake. It requires immense…

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