10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan

social media marketing plan - banner

Initially, when Facebook entered the market as a social media platform, very few knew that it would use all of its data to run its business. Allowing people to engage with their social group was the only agenda social media seemingly had. But, no matter how convincing they tried to be, there was always a business aspect to it. But…

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5 Proven Hacks for Quality Lead Generation Through Linkedin

Are you looking to get more sales for your products? You should be, and quality leads are the key. But, you may have overlooked generating qualified leads through LinkedIn. This social platform is packed full of qualified leads no matter what niche or business you engage in. LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation and according to HubSpot, the…

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How to Use Instagram for Business to Generate More Leads

Use Instagram for Business

For an online business, your mailing list is your most prized asset. Though building one may look easy, when you start to actually do it, it can get challenging. Even reaching a small number of 5,000 targeted email subscribers may seem like a distant dream. Which is why marketers look for all possible ways to grow their email list. One…

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10 New Ways to Generate Facebook Leads Without Running Ads

Generate Facebook leads without ads

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore the social media beast: Facebook. If you have diligently maintained a good brand presence on Facebook, created an engaged community through campaigns and branding, and have created a steady content calendar for your social media publishing with high quality informational content, you can utilize the power of this platform in ways that…

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How I Learned to Create Viral Content (and You Can Too)

How I learned to create viral content

In August 2015, we had to write 5 articles in 7 days for a few sites we were guest blogging at. It was tough given the 3-people marketing team we had then. I volunteered to contribute and wrote my very first blog post, which eventually was scrapped by the publication it was intended for. Anyhow, my team liked it and published it…

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Amplify Your Marketing with Social Selling [Experts Speak]

Social Selling

Everything you need to know about social selling was discussed in the webinar on social selling with the authors of this brilliant book, “You are the Key – Unlocking doors through social selling.” The book, You are the Key, written by HCL’s Apurva Chamaria and Gaurav Kakkar, talks about the future of businesses using social selling and also about B2B social media marketing…

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Are Facebook Instant Articles a Threat to Publishers?

Facebook Instant Articles

I must say, Facebook has a knack for making everything look good. Like many others, I was quite excited about Facebook Instant Articles and how they have been opened up for all websites and publishers, but it is only recently that I realized the real purpose they serve. What are Instant Articles? Instant articles are a way of allowing publishers to…

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7 Tips to Not Mess Your Social Customer Service

social customer service

Last week, I met a most intriguing sales person. He turned up at our door, beaming, and told us that he knew (how on earth?) that our regular water-can supplier had ditched us this week, to go to his village. Then, he cheerfully informed us that we need to try his water-can service – because his ‘customer care’ was better….

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