9 Ways a Banking CRM can Enable Digital Transformation

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  Way back in 2000 B.C, banking originated when merchants began loaning grains to farmers, in return for deposits. Since then, banking has evolved into an integral part of civilization, across geographies and cultures. Modern day banking, however, has realized that banking is not just about money transactions anymore. Today, with many money handling and payment technologies, the way people…

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CRM vs ERP: Why You Need Both for Higher Education? [Infographic]

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Universities and other higher education institutions today have the daunting task of targeting the most connected generation – millennials, and post-millennials. This modern student is savvier, constantly online in one form or other, always restless, and highly skeptical. This means, the challenge for higher education admissions teams has amplified 10-times over. They still need to select the right students from…

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Lead Prioritization : A Basic Guide for Better Conversion

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Last month, a miracle happened. Your company’s video went viral. Lead volume shot up by 500%. You were pumped and the office was filled with a spirit of celebration. Cut to today, and your enthusiasm has been reduced to nothing. Here’s how :- Week 1 : 80% of your calls have ended with the two fatal words – “not interested”….

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Predictive Lead Conversion – don’t waste time chasing the wrong leads (Webinar Recording and FAQ)

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In our last webinar, we were joined by experts, Sanjay Shetty and Dr. Sunitha Thampi from Asymmetrique, a marketing agency offering brand solutions to a range of clients across different industries. Sanjay and Sunitha talked about the process and science involved in accurately predicting the conversion potential of the leads businesses generate. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording here:…

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Lead Engagement Index: The New Trend in Town (Webinar Recording)

Lead score may sound very interesting to a lot of businesses at first but very soon they figure out it is not a true indication of lead engagement. To address this, LeadSquared has come up with a concept of engagement score. To understand how it actually works, watch the webinar Lead Engagement Index: The New Trend in Town here: View the Recording

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Webinar Recording: Lead Engagement Index – The New Trend in Town

A number of interesting questions were asked at the webinar on ‘Lead Engagement Index – The New Trend in Town’ conducted by Prashant Singh, CCO of LeadSquared. Those of you who missed the webinar, here’s a summary of some of the questions asked during that session. You could also listen to the webinar recording on ‘Lead Engagement Index – The New…

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Is LeadSquared different from CRM systems: CRM and Marketing Software Comparison

CRM and marketing software comparison

LeadSquared marketing software helps businesses in acquiring customers using modern scientific marketing methods. It helps in generating, nurturing and engaging Leads with the objective of increasing probability of converting them to customer with every interaction. LeadSquared is used by marketers to connect and engage with Leads till they become sales ready. The marketing teams will typically pass the Leads to…

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