SaaS Sales: Two Ways You Can Become an Expert

SaaS sales - cover

Originally published on the Exotel blog. I joined Exotel from a sales outsourcing company. Oh, yes, it is a real thing. I worked for companies that outsourced their leads to us. We had to talk to their customers and sell the product/service. However, in my new company, it was like a whole new world for me. I felt like I…

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Achieve Sales Optimization Using Marketing Automation

sales optimization

The world is moving faster than ever, and with the advent of new technologies, it’s only going to get faster each day. Top companies are achieving sales optimization through automation and embracing themselves for better returns and efficiency. It helps that they get happier customers and employees as an add-on. The whole idea of automation is to let it take…

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9 Rules to Make the Perfect Sales Call

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Originally published on the Exotel blog. Zara was the latest addition to our sales team at Exotel. Straight out of college, confident, smart and all set to conquer the world. Her attitude is what let us know that she was right for the job. She spent 3 days with the product and the sales team and boy, was she thorough!…

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9 Growth Hacks for E-commerce Businesses: Webinar Recording

Growth hacks for e-commerce - cover

We can all agree that E-commerce is big! What with the successes of mass aggregrators like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as e-commerce platforms that cater to niches such as Nykaa, BigBasket and Zivame, the shopping experience has totally changed. Newer businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, and even old established businesses now have an option to buy online. But, are…

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How to Build Trust Online for Your Business- Learn from the Pros

I’d rather go to my usual grocer who gives me fresh produce, personalized discounts and is familiar with my regular grocery buying behavior, than a fancy retail store whose ads do nothing other than boast. In fact, the next time I visit the market with a friend, I would tell them to go to bhaiyya. That’s what taking time to build trust can…

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Customer Acquisition Stories – Overcoming Challenges in B2B Sales

B2B sales

Amit’s story started when he realized the amount of electronic gadgets that get piled up in big companies. Out of curiosity, he and his friend decided to find out what happens to them. Much to their surprise, they realized that the unused gadgets either collect dust (or fungus) while waiting for approval from someone higher up. Or, they get disposed…

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7 tragic reasons why your company is losing on proposals

When I asked one of my clients what do you know about the prospect, they told me that they have his name number and email ID. Yes, but what else, I asked? Not much really. Oh and he works at XYZ company. Anything about his personal preferences, his flavours, his interests, his day to day challenges in the work place,…

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