Facebook Rolls Out New Look for Facebook Pages

After redesigning its news feed, Facebook is looking to redesign Facebook Pages as well. The sharper, neater and ‘streamlined’ look, seems to have gathered fans already. The new look for Pages will continue to roll out in the coming weeks, as stated by Facebook.

“This week, we’ll begin rolling out a streamlined look for Pages on desktop that will make it easier for people to find the information they want and help Page admins find the tools they use most.” 

The new design, as shown in the image below (courtesy Facebook) is similar to the old version with a few but significant changes here and there. The new look was designed keeping in mind the needs of visitors as well as Page Admins.

Facebook Page New Look

Easy on the Eyes

The redesigned look has two distinct sections for the different categories.

On the left side, you will find

  • Information about the business (map, hours of business, contact number and website URL)
  • ‘Invite Your Friends’ section
  • Photos
  • Videos

On the right side, you will find

  • Text Box for posting
  • News feed

Facebook Page Timeline

Ease of Access to Admin Tools

A metrics section has been incorporated on the far right-hand right side,  making it easier for the Page Admin to view notifications, ads running, likes, and post reach from anywhere on the page. The top of the page has new navigation options, making it easier for Page Admins to access activities, insights and settings. The ‘Build Audience’ menu offers direct access to the Ads Manager account.

Easy Navigation

There’s more for Admins!

Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Pages to Watch”, that will help Page Admins compare the performance of their Facebook Page with other similar Facebook Pages, based on metrics such as ‘Likes’. Here’s a snapshot (courtesy Facebook).


The changes for Pages on the desktop are set to roll out this week. A redesign for Pages on mobile is expected to be launched in April.

Facebook Pages

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  1. Sunny Kumar Commented April 14, 2014

    Do we get any notification for this or it will change it’s theme automatically

    1. Shibani Roy Commented April 15, 2014

      Go to your Admin panel. You might see a notification there regarding changing the theme. You could manually turn it on. If there isn’t, not to worry. It will automatically change in a couple of weeks.

      1. Sunny Kumar Commented August 6, 2014

        Thanks @shibaniroy:disqus ! Can you provide some more insights on generating B2B leads through facebook page?

        1. Shibani Roy Commented August 6, 2014

          If you want to generate leads through Facebook Ads, take a look at this E-Book (http://bit.ly/1rnAYI0) or listen to this webinar recording (http://bit.ly/1kxN9Tg). If you are not looking at ads or any paid form, share relevant content on your Facebook Page. Build a business community, interact with your prospects and stay up to date. We recently conducted a webinar on lead generation strategies using social media (http://bit.ly/1oW2M3U). Check it out. It might give you more insights.

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