Importance of Text Message Marketing for Higher Education Institutions

Every single higher education institution that I have spoken to want to have text messaging in their communication plan. I am sure you do too. Many pieces of research also revealed that while most students don’t receive calls from unknown numbers, but they almost always read texts. Here are a few statistics that reveal the same as well: This gives a completely…

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6 Automation Workflow Templates for Your Student Recruitment Team

We have already come to an agreement that an admissions officer has too many things on his plate. Performing countless routine tasks on a daily basis can make them prone to errors. With increasing student awareness and online presence, marketing automation and CRM tools are their best bet. Not only does it improve their efficiency, it also reduces errors and…

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10 Must Have Admissions CRM Features for Every Enrollment Team

Let’s say, a college recruits 4000 students in a year, with a team of 5 admission officers. So, in his career of 20 years, an admission officer accepts 16,000 applications on an average and rejects a lot more than that. That’s a lot of work, considering colleges are getting very selective in their recruitment criteria, and students are screened beyond their academics…

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CRM vs ERP: Why You Need Both for Higher Education? [Infographic]

erp vs crm - banner

Universities and other higher education institutions today have the daunting task of targeting the most connected generation – millennials, and post-millennials. This modern student is savvier, constantly online in one form or other, always restless, and highly skeptical. This means, the challenge for higher education admissions teams has amplified 10-times over. They still need to select the right students from…

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Education Infographic Ideas You Can’t Ignore

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, when you had to pick one book among hundreds? Whenever I have to make that choice, I flip through and go straight for the one with most illustrations or drawings. Would you do the same as well? I think yes; a lot of text is stress inducing. Personally, it reminds me of the…

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8 Education Landing Page Tips to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Let me paint a picture. You’ve spent many painstaking hours setting up your marketing campaign for your education business, putting all your time and effort into paid advertisements, good SEO practices and you’re starting to see the traffic roll in. Everything’s seemingly great, but for some elusive reason, the sales numbers just aren’t good enough. Of course, you spend hours…

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How I Increased Education Landing Page Signups by 400%

Education Landing Page Story

In 2014, I met Tapan Rayguru, who was the director of Sunstone Business School at the time, to talk about the landing pages they were using for their distant MBA courses. I was expecting a beer in the evening, but it turned out to be tea in the morning. It was my first client meeting. I was confident, over confident…

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56 Higher Education Lead Generation Sources : A Complete Guide for India

higher education leads online india

In a hurry? Get our list of 56 higher education lead generation sources right away! Download your checklist now! Selling higher education courses in our country is a tricky, tricky business. That’s because like most things in India, college admissions are a huge family affair! I remember the hustle that filled the days after my 12th board results. My mother wouldn’t…

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Top 10 Education Website Designs to Inspire You in 2016

Education Website Designs for Inspiration in 2016

4 years ago, when I started my career in marketing, the first client I handled was an online education business. Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of them, and I’ve seen the tough realities of education marketing up close. Download your education marketing handbook, now! In particular, I have seen and analyzed my fair share of education website designs, trying…

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