9 Ways a Banking CRM can Enable Digital Transformation

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  Way back in 2000 B.C, banking originated when merchants began loaning grains to farmers, in return for deposits. Since then, banking has evolved into an integral part of civilization, across geographies and cultures. Modern day banking, however, has realized that banking is not just about money transactions anymore. Today, with many money handling and payment technologies, the way people…

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A Simple Hack To Activate Dead Leads In Your Insurance Marketing Database

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A constant gripe we hear from all Digital Marketers in the Insurance landscape is –“More than 30% of our inbound leads across all sources are not reachable” (“NC” as they would like to term them; Not Contactable) After shedding all that blood, sweat and tears to craft high-conversion landing pages, writing seductive ad and page copy for SEO/SEM concluding with…

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3 ways a Financial CRM Software Can Revolutionize Your Business

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I can’t remember the last time I paid cash. I order my groceries at bigbazaar, book an Uber to commute, pay for delivery online and use my card for the rare over the counter transactions. Technology has definitely changed the way I live. It has also changed the way I interact with brands. Instead of  taking my concerns to a customer…

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How to Find Loan Leads in India [Download Checklist]

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In a hurry? Get your hands on the meat right away!  Download your loan leads checklist, now! From a dismal 9% towards the end of last year, India’s loan growth rate has shot up to 11% in 2016. What does this mean for you, as a person selling loans in India? It means that the market appetite for loans is…

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