How to Crack Hyperlocal Marketing for Your Fitness Business


So I wanted to join a good fitness centre in my locality (what with me having moved and all) and like any good self-respecting citizen, asked my neighbor Divya for recommendations. I had seen a great hoarding of a gym a few blocks down and wanted to see if it was worth checking out. Imagine my surprise when Divya had no knowledge…

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Top 7 Health and Fitness Websites of 2015 That Blew Our Minds

Health and fitness websites

High website conversion rates, especially for health and fitness websites, are not easy pal – it all boils down to the conversion tricks you use!  A good ad and awesome marketing are all well and good, but, ultimately it is up to your website  to seduce the visitor to conversion. It is rather like selling to a customer intent on…

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9 Easy Fitness Marketing Ideas for Offline Lead Generation

Has anyone ever signed up for a gym membership after receiving an email? Or only after looking at a website? “I will become a member at your spa” said no one ever – after just an online interaction. What does that tell you? Offline interaction plays a vital role in influencing your prospect’s decisions (especially in the health and wellness…

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Online Lead Generation Tips for Successful Wellness Marketing

Wellness marketing for online lead generation

Welcome! Did you just google “How to succeed in wellness marketing” or something along those lines? Good job, you are at the right place. Here, you can find an exhaustive list of lead generation ideas for your health and wellness business. Can’t wait to see it? I understand :). Download the good stuff right away! Get the checklist now! As…

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Are You Using These 4 Easy Health Blog Ideas?

Dinner Kya

Do you know the question that my mother used to hate the most? “What’s for dinner?” Barely would she have completed preparing a delicious snack (after a sumptuous lunch, mind you) and she is forced once again to think about what new to make for dinner. Spoilt little brats! For a content marketer in the health and wellness segment, the…

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