7 Real Estate Drip Campaigns You Should Be Setting up Right Away

Real Estate Drip Campaign

For a product as unpredictable as real estate, reaching out to the right audience can be tricky. Modern realtors, builders and brokers are utilizing quite a few innovative ways to reach the millennials – videos, snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. McKinsey and company claim that email is 40x more effective than Twitter and Facebook put together. There’s only one problem…

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Real Estate Leads Online In India [Download Checklist]


In a hurry? Get your hands on the meat right away! Download the Generate Real Estate Leads Online Checklist [PDF] While the internet has opened up a gamut of marketing possibi lities for real estate professionals, on the flip side – it has made life a whole lot busier for them. Generate Real Estate Leads online: Dozens of platforms to…

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Effective Real Estate Sales Techniques [Webinar Recording]

In our last webinar, real estate expert, Rahul Mishra discussed effective real estate sales techniques, right from product planning to sales closure. Rahul, co-founded Pillars Consultancy & cranked up the popular blog – Indian Real Estate for Dummies. The webinar also covered the following: State of the real estate market today Emerging trends Effective real estate sales techniques Real estate marketing best…

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16 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas You’ve Not Heard of

creative real estate marketing

You’re late for office. Again. Sweaty, irritable, and stuck still in a deadly traffic. The driver is intently reading his newspaper, the conductor is humming along with the radio, and most passengers are gladly catching up on their morning sleep. Yawning, you look out to your left, and spot this : “These advertisements are such a curse”, you think to yourself,…

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