Travel and Tourism Marketing Tips to Boost your Online Presence

Tourism Marketing

It’s all about the Millennials. Travel and hospitality businesses – go about doing what you are doing, keeping in mind the millennials. They are the money makers. They are the ones you need to keep happy. Keeping up with our industry-specific content, here are four factors that I think can easily be implemented in your tourism marketing process and can…

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How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup

8 Ways to Get Media & Press Coverage for Your Travel Startup

Media coverage can be hard to come by even for long-established companies, but it’s significantly harder for startups. Hacking the Media: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Travel Startup In our last webinar, travel marketing expert, Tanu Arora from TravHQ – a travel marketing and media website, joined us to discuss, how to get media coverage for travel businesses and 8 simple ways in…

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Hotel Marketing: Why Technology Should Be Your Best Friend

If there’s one thing one whole year of selling hospitality technology taught me, it is this – even the smartest and the most intuitive of hotel owners tread way too cautiously when it comes to adopting technology. Yes, that isn’t always the case! There are many in the hospitality sector that are doing a great job digitally. But for every…

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Travel Trends 2016: Hear from travel marketing experts!

Travel Trends 2016

2015 was a year of much innovation, experimentation and a witness to the ever-increasing usage of technology in travel and hospitality. From Uber-style private jet companies to biometric-boarding to 3D-printed hotel suites, 2015 had it all. And, with the pace of change in the travel and tourism industry accelerating faster than ever, it’s only natural for travel marketers this year…

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The Minimalist Guide to Hospitality Marketing [Webinar]

Hospitality Marketing

Our last webinar threw light on marketing in the hospitality industry. Floyd Tavares, Manager – Business & Digital Marketing, from Deltin Group ran the session. He was joined by Nilesh Patel, Founder and CEO of LeadSquared. In case you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below. You will also find a short Q&A session with Floyd, talking about what…

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10 Content Marketing Ideas for Travel and Tour Businesses

Oh, the places you’ll go travel marketers, with just a tad bit of steering in the right direction. Travel is an experience – it is exotic and it is compelling. And, it’s way past time all you travel entrepreneurs and businesses realize how powerful is the thing you are trying to sell – dreams, adventures, memories – experience all in all. All…

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