Why Landing Page Converts More than a Homepage?

Landing Page vs Home Page

My friend Dhiraj and I landed in “Greens Bar and Restaurant” on a Thursday evening at 7 pm. “Greens” is a one of the rare Garden Resto-Bars in Bangalore, very literal to its name. We sat at our usual places. A waiter put the water glasses down and handed us the menu.

As Dhiraj scanned through the menu, a flyer slipped out. It read “Happy hours on Beer- Flat 50% off (11 am -8 pm)”

Forget the menu, Beer Ordered. Conversion!

The menu is the homepage of the Restaurant and the flyer is the landing page. The offer may have been printed on the Menu (homepage) also, but

  • The chances of it getting lost in other items were more.
  • It is not realistic to reprint the menu each time for a new offer.

They are the top two reasons why landing pages are as popular as they are.

  • Specific offer– No navigation links. No distractions. There is only one action to take, and that is conversion.
  • Flexibility– It is easier and cost effective to create a landing page, rather than remodeling the website for the new offer every time.

We would possibly have ordered beer anyway, but a nice flyer with shiny mugs and a bold offer made the decision much quicker, practically a no-brainer.

That is the beauty of a landing page. It increases the chances of conversion substantially.

Let’s take another example – from education industry.

If you have two courses – an undergraduate and a postgraduate, would you offer both of them on one single page? You shouldn’t.

The target audience for both the courses is different, and so are their priorities and concerns; doesn’t it make sense to have separate landing pages for each too?

What has your experience been in using landing pages against home pages? I would love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Vijayalakshmi J Hiremath Commented August 12, 2015

    Nicely written! This article will be very useful for PPC marketers.

    1. Rajat Commented August 12, 2015

      Thanks Viju

  2. Rajat Commented September 14, 2015

    Hi Haritham. Glad you liked it.

  3. Alex Czajkowski Commented January 20, 2016

    great and delicously refereshing illustration of what should be defacto process these days!

  4. Leroy Yue Commented January 20, 2016

    great analogy!

  5. Rajat Commented January 20, 2016

    Thanks Leroy.

  6. Rajat Commented January 20, 2016

    Glad you liked it Alex

  7. Ashish Arora Commented January 20, 2016

    Good enough to make you think twice !

  8. Lazy Pineapple Commented January 21, 2016

    Really enjoyed this article. The way you have provided difference between homepage and landing page has given me so much clarity. Thank you

  9. Nipul Jain Commented January 21, 2016

    Simple and Precise !! Good stuff 🙂

  10. Rajat Commented May 30, 2016

    That’s True Viacheslav. More so for the ads.

  11. Rajat Commented May 30, 2016

    Glad you liked it John.

  12. Rajat Commented May 30, 2016

    He Robert. Sorry for replying late. You can use it on your website 🙂

  13. Rajat Commented May 30, 2016

    Hey Michelle. Interesting point you’ve brought. If you cant see an offer on a website (and it is still valid) then i think the website has a navigational problem. It could easily afford an additional tabs “offers” like many ecommerce websites do. You can use topbars, popups etc to highlight the most popular offers as well.

  14. Rajat Commented May 31, 2016

    Hey Tom. Great Insight. Taking it a step ahead i would say that a big signpost at the entrance is the ad, which tempts you to get into the Greens Bar and then the flyer which actually encourages the order. That being said i agree with your point, we would have ordered beer anyway. But maybe the restaurant has huge volumes with greater profit in the beer as compared to other beverages. But great addition, makes me think. Thanks.

  15. Danish Wadhwa Commented June 17, 2016

    Hey Rajat, Thanks for the information.
    I was wondering why optin on my home page is not converting much, after reading this i have change the menu of my homage by hiding the main menu and just placed a Blog button.
    Within 2 days of conversion i got 23% increase rate in optin, i just played with the menu structure and removed all the distractions.
    Now further will be following the strategy of landing pages too.
    For a proof you can check my website: http://www.danishwadhwa.com


    1. Rajat Commented June 17, 2016

      Great to hear Danish. Numbers don’t lie 🙂

    2. Rajat Commented June 17, 2016

      Hello again. Nice page. You can try to tweak your call to action as well. Tell the visitors what will happen when they signup. What value will they get

  16. Rajat Commented June 17, 2016

    Good Addition Rosi. Same here, trying to get the landing page rank in search results. Will let you know if we get lucky.

  17. reasonableview Commented October 18, 2016

    Great analogy!

  18. Mike Kennedy Commented October 19, 2016

    It’s not even a discussion really. Landing pages are obviously designed with a specific call to action in mind and conversion is significantly higher. Marketing 101.

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